Question about the Cabas Mezzo and Piano

  1. Do they have a zippered pocket on the inside? My Mezzo doesn't have a zippered interior pocket, just a slip pocket with vachetta trim and my piano has a zippered one. My Mezzo was made in 11/05 and the Piano 1/02. Just wondering if they were both changed or just the mezzo and when. Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure of the exact date but I do know there are two versions of both Mezzo has a zippered pocket and I got it a couple of years ago.
  3. Thanks! So the new cabas mezzos and pianos don't have zippered pockets?
  4. i remember seeing a thread about this in the summer. i think it changed sometime this year. i bought my mezzo last february and mine has the zipped pocket. that's too bad they changed it.
  5. I'm not actually sure..I think they're made with both because I've seen both versions in the stores recently. :smile:
  6. I'm more confused than ever:
    -on elux, the Piano is stated as having a "patch pocket"
    -on, it says the Piano has a zippered pocket
    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  7. That's weird that they'd have both. :confused1: The one I have with a patch pocket looks like the one with the zippered pocket but no zipper. Hmmmm...
  8. Yeah there are a couple of versions..I think it depends on who makes it, etc. The bottoms are also has the stitching on the ends of the sides and one doesn't. Both are real but they just have 2 versions. Could be a convenience thing, with the pockets though. They probably just decided to slightly change the one version instead of creating a whole new bag.
  9. I've got a Cabas Piano and it has the vachetta-trimmed inside slit pocket. No inside zips at all.
  10. There's also another bag I thought of that has a variation..the MC Alma..some have the stitching at the ends of the vachetta near the zipper and some don't.
  11. i've bought my piano 8 days ago and it has a patch pocket (mine is made in france)
  12. I have a piano made in 05 of 05 and it has a zipper pocket.
  13. My Cabas Piano that I purchased in May 2003 (it was my first LV!) had a zippered pocket and the bottom and sides of the vachetta were in three sections.

    The newer Pianos have a one piece vachetta bottom but I didn't notice the inside pocket not being zippered.
  14. My Piano has the one-piece vachetta bottom and a zippered pocket.
  15. My cabas piano, bought in July 2003, made in USA, has a zipper pocket inside.