Question about the bust on strapless dresses

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    OK, I keep coming back here trying to type this up but every time I finish I feel like it either makes no sense or that it's silly!
    But I can't fix this dilemma I have and really need advice!

    I never wear strapless dresses but I love the look. I feel uncomfortable in them in the bust area, I always feel like I'm going to pop out somehow. I bought one after trying on many and I'm going to wear it to something coming up.
    I feel like I can't stretch my arms upward or else my bra will peek out a LOT (or more!), like the dress stays put while my body moves. Is that how it's -supposed- to be?
    Or the majority of strapless dresses, do you have to kind of be careful how you move?

    Another thing is that because no matter what strapless bra I use, I do not have cleavage in a strapless dress, that it looks like the bust area of the dress is LOW on my chest. Everyone says it looks fine but I just don't know! They all look like that on me. I'm not used to wearing them so I don't really know, I still feel unsure. I don't know what can be said about this bit but figured I'd ask as well.

    I even wonder if maybe the whole problem is that it needs to be taken in? It fits though... but maybe I need it to be super tight? Can a tailor take in the bust of a tube-ish dress without it being noticeable on the outside at all? How much could that cost anyway?

    Thanks for any advice!!
  2. maybe you need to go with a style that is not strapless, as it sounds as if you are far too uncomfortable for this style. you want to wear a dress that you can do all sorts of crazy things in and it won't show off too much! :smile:

    i do not find myself needing to be extra careful in a strapless dress, unless it is either too big or too small. taking it in may not make a difference, because if its too snug it'll do the exact same thing. if you do however choose this option, the tailor CAN do the job without making it obvious at all. its usually around $35 at my tailor, but its relatively high-end, you may get it for under $20 somewhere else.

    good luck :smile: as a last option you can always throw on a little shrug to make you feel a little more at ease.
  3. I'm kind of like you, I think! I've always loved strapless dresses, but I never thought I would be able to wear one comfortably becasue of my D cups. :sad:

    Don't know if this is your exact problem, but I finally found a good strapless dress for me! It is jersey stretchy material, so it definitely fits my body and doesn't slide around when I move like a satin dress would. And, it has corset-like boning for support and lift (in addition to my strapless bra ;)). I've danced all night in this dress and I never had to adjust it once!
  4. It sounds like you're trying dresses that don't fit correctly. You have to be very careful with fit on strapless. Plus, depending on your body type, some strapless styles may not work on you. But most likely, it's the fit (or lack of it).
  5. piggy to the rescue! (^(oo)^)v

    you can likely solve the vast majority of your listed concerns with 2 simple items:
    • nubra - seamless U
    • fashion tape
    plus a little piggy fitting advice! i have a feeling you are trying dresses that are too tight in the bust area - can you provide your bust circumference, bra size, the size of the dress you're having issues with, and your normal non-strapless dress size?

    if i'm not mistaken, the sequence of events right now is going something like this:
    1. due to concerns about the dress staying in place, you sized down from your regular dress size, or chose a dress with a tighter-than normal bust
    2. because the bust is too tight, the fabric naturally seeks to move towards the narrower portion of the body (i.e. down the torso, towards your waist)
    3. at the same time, the tightness of the bust area on the dress is flattening your chest, which is why you're not seeing any cleavage (like wearing a compression sports bra)
    a properly fitting strapless dress should ideally be tightest at the waist - if you keep the middle of the dress firmly anchored where it belongs, there will be far fewer problems with migration at the ends, KWIM? (^(oo)^)v then, just stick the inside of upper portion of the dress to the nubra with some fashion tape, and voilà! TRIUMPH! \(^(oo)^)/