question about the bugaboo stroller

  1. Do you think it is dumb to purchase a bugaboo stroller for my daughter who is turning 3 in 2 weeks? Is it too expensive to spend that much for the age she is at??? thanks
  2. If you live in NYC or some other place where you walk everywhere, a good stroller is important. But I think a lightweight Maclaren would be more practical.
  3. I think the bugaboo is too heavy for a 3 years old child, you should really consider a maclaren
  4. If you are wanting a Bugaboo, may I suggest the Bugaboo Bee? I have one for my 2 year old and it is FAB!
  5. I have the bugaboo regular stroller (Cameleon) and I hate it. I never use it. I bought a maclaren the other day. I knew I shouldnt have bought the bugaboo. I got caught up in the hype and thought it was gonna be such a great stroller. I knew I'd never like the fact that I have to take it apart in two pieces every time to open/close it. Its heavy and bulky too. It is nice looking and definitely comfortable. I just hate toting it around. I only use it around the house and my son naps in it (he's 7 mos).

    To answer your question, I do think its kind of late in age for the bugaboo. I dont find the seating area very deep at all and my friend's son, who is 18mos old, did not fit in it well. I have the large Bugaboo (cameleon). He seemed to be thrown forward too much and wanted to immediately get out. He is rather chunky but only 18 mos old so I was discouraged when I saw that. Anyway, just wanted to advise of my experience.

    As far as getting the Bugaboo bee, it doesnt fold as compact as I'd like and the weight capacity isnt great. I think its 30 or 35 pound capacity.
  6. Here is a clip that shows off the Bugaboo Bee.

    I think it is pretty compact for a Bugaboo and it is lightweight and steers like a dream. Folding is easy, too.

    I do believe it is suitable up to 38 pounds though....
  7. lol thats very creative!
  8. I have the Bugaboo and I think it is a great stroller, but only if you are doing a lot of city walking. Like Lucci said, it is not practical if you have to take it apart regularly. It is big, so it is hard to fit in a trunk of a car; and too heavy for the bus, stairs, subway, etc.

    I would also be concerned that she might have outgrown it already as far as height. You can try her out in one at the store to see how she looks in it, heightwise. I am sure she will be cute in any stroller! At this age, you might also want to consider a Maclaren which is easy to fold and a bit bigger for older kids.
  9. I got a mclaren for my - then - 2.5 yaer old kid and it survived 2 years with me through london weather!!!!!!!! consider THAT!! :smile:
  10. I have a cameleon and love it!...but that's because my daughter is only 2 months old, so the bassinet is a huge plus (we even use it as a real bassinet when we travel to reduce bulk) and I walk about 6 miles every other day (partially on dirt/gravel), so I wanted a stroller that would make the ride very smooth-and it does. I love that I can change the way the seat/handle are positioned and lengthen the handle. It fits in my trunk, but leaves little room for anything else (although unless you have an umbrella stroller, this is usually the case). I couldn't imagine having anything else right now, but I imagine it will be long gone by time she's three for the same reasons mentioned above (size/weight limit). I know I wouldn't drop a grand on it to only use it for a little while. I don't know what you think about used strollers, but since you'll only be using it for a little while, and you don't need the bassinet, you might be able to pick one up really cheap on eBay. Good luck!
  11. I bought a Bugaboo Frog years ago when my first child was 2 1/2. She outgrew it fairly quickly, and now at 5 1/2 can't fit at all. But she begs to go in it when she's tired. Our second baby is now 2 1/2 and that poor stroller is really BEAT UP. I live in L.A. and it is not the most practical for here because it is not the easiest stroller to break down & put together in & out of a car trunk. It is GREAT for longer walks, ie. going to Disneyland, walking to the beach & in the sand, camping. etc. If you need a stroller that is extremely comfortable for the kids, the Bugaboo is great. However, when I want an extremely lightweight stroller that I can take out & put away fast, ie Grocery runs, the McClaren Volo is hands down the best. I have both and LOVE them both.
  12. At this age, I would go for one of the Maclarens. I have 3 of them...we love them.