Question about the Bubble Quilt line colors

  1. I'm interested in getting a bubble quilt bowler. I've seen pics in the reference library, but I haven't come across one in black yet. I was in NM today and saw a dark brown bubble quilt flap bag. It was lovely, but too small for my needs. I asked the SA about the bowler and she said they were sold out but could order one for me. When I asked what colors they come in, she said only dark brown and light beige. Huh?

    I know absolutely nothing about Chanel, but have my heart set on the bowler and would love it in black (even a bordeaux color!). I'd settle for dark brown if I had to, but I can't imagine they wouldn't produce this line in black. Isn't that the classic Chanel color?

    Could anyone tell me whether or not the information this SA gave me was correct? Thanks
  2. She is correct! No black. This line also comes in dark beige and Green.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I have to say I'm very surprised by the "no black" for this line. The green sounds nice, but the light beige was way too light for me.

    I suppose I'll have to pick between the dark brown and dark beige (once I see it).
  4. Hi. The dark beige is fabulous; it could pass for brown, grey, khaki or olive green. Try it and I'll bet you love it. Black is so...just black (sorry, I'm a black avoider meaning nothing, that's right, nothing in my wardrobe is black!). Life should be lived in colour!
  5. My husband just told me the same thing about black.:p

    I was reading another thread about Lady Dior's visit to the Saks at Palm Desert and I saw her photos from the visit. I saw all the colors mentioned and both my husband and I LOVED the dark beige. It's fabulous. I've decided on the dark beige for certain (although the green was stunning).

    I have one more question after seeing those pics I mentioned: Is the bowler referred to as a large tote? Just want to make certain the pic I saw was of the style I want and not another style I'm totally ignorant of.

    I hope I don't sound like an idiot, ladies. If this were Balenciaga or Fendi, I'd be all over it, but my knowledge of Chanel is very limited. Darn the Purse Forum. I'm going to end up loving everything I see!
  6. You're right nonetheless, I think. The bowler is also known as the large tote. Chanelboy posted pics at the start of his bubble quilt thread and the bowler/tote is in pics 2+3.

    Dark beige is the way to go!