Question about the bowler

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  1. I just wanted to know if this bag could be worn over the shoulder or is it a hand bag.

    I was looking at the small one and it LOOKS like it could be worn over the shoulder.

    Anyone have pics? I really like the look of this bag, but not really into anymore hand bags. I like to be more hands free. Also does it sit comfortably over the shoulder because it does look a bit bulky. TIA!
  2. you can but it's a bit of a snug fit:
    (BTW im 5'6" 120 if that helps at all)

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  3. Agreed, it's snug, not very comfortable on the shoulder as the bag is wide and the straps aren't very long.

    BTW - jun3machina -LOVE your outfit in that pic, you look fabulous!!

  4. It looks so cute on you! Is that the small size or the large? Can you give me a price on it? Also does anyone know if it's still avaible at the boutique? I don't recall seeing it on their website, or maybe I wasn't paying attention. :confused1:
  5. I think she had the small bowler. Looks great on her!
  6. yes, thithi's right. i hd the small bowler in moss. generally they sell from about $250-500 on ebay depending on the color and market. i got rid of it a while ago because im truely a color phobe. it was an experiment to see if i could work colored bags into my wardrobe.....and it didn't work out. the leather on the bowlers is seriously amazing though. i'd totally consider scooping up a black one if i came across it. i think the large size is a bit much too. the small size (what i had) was really just a wonderful size.
  7. I had the small bowler before (lobster and midnight). For me it was strictly a hand- or arm-held bag. My upper arm muscles can't accomodate the bowler onto my shoulder, ha! The bag was so beautiful...

    Hope this helps.
  8. The handles squish nicely...I think the extra wide handles are the best thing about this bag...I just love it and I'm a shoulder girl too. mags
  9. Thanks for all the responses ladies. I really do want this bag in black. Bad enough to not mind that it's not quite a shoulder bag. Any ideas where I can pick this baby up? I'm not too fond of eBay, had some really bad experiences. I don't remember seeing this beauty at the boutique though. Or am I just too late? :confused1:
  10. i think ebay is your only hope unless someone has one on here and doesn' want it anymore...
  11. Buying and sellin on the PF is not permitted..Retail stores and ebay are your only choices
  12. flungflung - the ebay seller I got mine from bought it at Nordstrom Rack somewhere in CA, perhaps they still have some at one of the Racks...
  13. Thanks, I'll try to check out the NR at South Coast Plaza when I get the chance.