Question about the book "Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury"

  1. Yes, I know, I am WAY behind the times - I just became a LV enthusiast less than a year ago, and just learned about this amazing book! I want one in the worst way! I have checked eBay and there isn't one currently listed (they recently sold two for around $220), but everywhere else I look (Amazon, Barnes & Noble...), the book is listed anywhere from $400 to $700! :confused1: I read the thread from last January where many people were getting them on Amazon for around $80, and the boutiques had them for $135, so I don't want to pay $400+ if I can help it! Any ideas where I might find one online for a better price? I'd be willing to pay approx. $200, but not $400-$700:push:. Any ideas would be much appreciated, as I am dying to get this book, both for an incredible coffee table item, as well as to learn all I can about LV - I'm addicted! Thanks so much!
  2. Id love to know also! thanks for starting the thread
  3. try NM (oN LINE) I GOT MINE FOR 125.00 LAST YEAR.
  4. Contact your local LV - they ordered one for me
  5. Isn't it out of print? I'd like one too, but not at handbag prices!
  6. WHAT?!?! :wtf: I asked my SA a few months ago and she said they only had 2 left in the system and they were banged=up display models. Maybe I need to call a mainland store....

    btw they went for $125 in the boutiques
  7. This was a few months ago - none at Canadian boutique so SM ordered one for me... I have no idea where she ordered it from
  8. Amazon has "Icons" for $12.89 in stock right now.
  9. Thank you for the information! I ordered "Icons" online, and will look forward to receiving that soon! I will just keep an eye out for "The Birth of Modern Luxury" and will hopefully come across a reasonably-priced copy one of these days! Thanks, again!
  10. i paid $300 and sold it for $250. if you find something cheaper, please let us know. but as far as i know they really are going for big bucks nowadays since they're out of print.
  11. I bought it off ebay a year ago for about $100.

    I would call LV first, then just watch ebay...
  12. I got my Birth of Modern Luxury a couple of months ago. I suggest letting an SA at the LV Boutique know you really really really want one. Who knows, maybe a return will come in.

    I tried to buy the display book at Neiman Marcus Short Hills, but they would not because it was display/used, and they have standards for what customers walk out with. I didn't mind, but they said no.

    I finally found it on eBay for $375. It was actually a charity auction raising funds for Linda Blair's Animal Charity, so at least the money went to the animals, not someone who is just turning a book around for profit. It was still wrapped and perfect.

    The book is really good, to browse thru, and for a coffee table item.
  13. out of print, according to 866

    good luck
  14. Thank you all for the information! I was patient, and just won one on ebay for $199! I can't wait to receive it! I just got "Icons" last week, and while it is a nice book, it just didn't have as much history and pics of the various lines as I wanted. So... now I will enjoy this new-to-me, educational addition to my LV family! Thanks again! :yahoo: