Question about the blue/gray 06.....

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  1. First off... thanks to the ladies that referred me to Kim at balNY - she is a DOLL!!! I just got off the phone with her and placed my name on the wait list for that color in the DAY bag - I am so a hobo kinda gal - LOL!!! Anyway... how many people have also bought the bag w/out seeing it..... (i gave her my credit card and will pick it up when it is in)......

    I am still waiting on the grenat day to arrive from Barneys - if I'm not a fan, I think I will get the Rouge VIF instead - lol!!!
  2. kim is great. she is sooooo nice and accomodating. please post pictures of that DAY bag when you get it. I love that shape.
  3. I will buy the part-time SUS (site unseen), but from Nordies where I can return if it is :throwup:
  4. I am on the wait list for Bal NY for the blue-grey City and Nordstrom for the blue-grey Part Time. Trying to decide which list to take my name OFF of...
  5. I didn't know Nordstrom sold Balenciaga... hmmmmmmm (are they still doing pre-orders???)
  6. How much did it end up being?
  7. sorry hun.... I didn't even ask Kim the price
  8. The part-time is $1295 at NM.
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