Question about the Black MC Speedy

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  1. I need some hepl because I am back and forth with whether I want to buy a black MC.

    I went to the LV boutique to see one and they didnt have one in stock. They bought out a black alma so that could alteast get a close up view of the black mc print.

    I hated it :sick:

    it looked so shiny and the colors loked like they were cheaply painted on.

    I have had my white multicolor bag for years and LOVE it. I'm
    wondering why the black MC looked so different?

    The SA pointed out to be that different bags look better in different colors. But he did share with me that he thought the black did not look as good as the white because the black can be too bright.

    MY problem is from looking at pics of PF members with thier black speedys they look GORGEOUS!!!

    But why when I look at one in person (only saw the Alma) does it look so plasticy and shiney?

    Has anyone else noticed this? :hrmm:

    Or anyone have thought on the black MC. :hrmm:

    Please help
  2. I happen to favor the black MC more; I like the stark contrast. I also LOVE how the naked vachetta looks against black canvas. Very sexy ;) That's just me though. Maybe you should actually see the black SPEEDY, and not just the Alma for comparison. Could be different---never know. :smile: Good luck.

  3. ^^^^I know. That would be the SMART thing to do but I'm looking to buy a used one.

    It really would not be right for me to ask the seller to wait until the boutique gets in a speedy for me to look at first. :shame:
    The boutique says it could be next week but you never know.

    That's why I'm so confused because I need to make a quick decision
  4. I love the vibrance of the colors on my black MC Speedy.
  5. So no one thinks its too loud and shiny? :shame: :hrmm:
  6. ^^^ No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I've just recently come to love the white MC and I thought I would love the black as well, but I saw it a few days ago...and I really wasn't loving it.
    I don't think that it was too "shiny" but all the colors against the black was a little TOO vibrant for me. When I see the white I think "fun" when I saw the black (Speedy) I though "loud"

    The weird thing is that, like you, I see it on other people and I think it looks fabulous. But on me it was :Push:
  8. See. Maybe I'm not so crazy.

    I'm thinking some some black MC bags may be louder than others due ot the color pattern. Its hard to tell.

    I have to agree with you on them being LOUD. But I still cannot convince myself NOT to get one. I keep hoping the speedy will look better than the alma. On everyone else its looks so GOOD
  9. You're not the only one!! I dont really like the black MC either....but i LOVE white MC!
  10. I was debating on bidding on a black MC Theda
    but I tend not to wear brigher colors in the fall/winter the way I do in the summer.
    My fall and winter wardrobe tends to err on the earthy and subdued side.

    I would have had to go out and buy a bunch of bright Juicy sweatsuits and vibrant cashmere sweaters just to go with my bag LOL.

    I just got that grenat paddy and now I'm on the hunt for an ivory paddy or something as a fall/winter bag. (I debated anthracite, but after seeing the pictures, also decided it was too loud for me)

    Between the Speedy and the Alma though, I prefer the Speedy...or the Trouville.
    I'm not crazy about all the studs on the Alma.
  11. strasey: VERY NICE BAG ..GO FOR IT!!
  12. I've seen an authentic black Multicolore Speedy 30 on someone IRL and that's when I wanted it. Everything about it - the bold gold accents, the vachetta, the brightness of the colors - appealed to me. I have a black MC Trouville and I love it for the same reason - it's flashy! But not flashy in a fake, gaudy way.
  13. No, I love it!
    I have the Alma in black and the white Lodge PM. IMO it depends on the style which color I love more. Some bags I prefer in white, some in black and only a few look gorgeous in both colors (f.e. the Trouville - IMO).

    What's great about the black MC is, that there are less fakes. I rarely see real LV's/fake LV's where I live, but yesterday I noticed 3, all fakes and all white MC :sick:
    Maybe the Alma in the store was just a bad example? Take a look on others in black, I'm sure you'll love it :amuse:
    alma u lodge.jpg

  14. I think I might be the same way in the fall. My colrs are much darker and I rarely wear brights. But i was not really wanting the black specifically for fall.

    I was just wanting it b-cuz I love my white one so much.

    Perhaps I 'll just have to wait until the boutique gets in a black speedy for me to see in person. Hopefully that will be soon :oh:
  15. I love any style black or white MC...i'm sure you will love it once you try it on. =)