Question about The Birth of Luxury

  1. For those of you have this or have seen it IRL:

    Is it a "fluff" coffetable type book or does it actually have text? In other words, does it tell us about the history of LV or is it mostly pics?

    I'm trying to decide how much I want it. Thanks!
  2. Oh, this huge book is FULL of text - very informative history.
    If you want to know nearly everything about LV & about the world during the history of LV, this is where you'll find it.
  3. Good luck finding one, though. I've been begging my SA to find me one for several months. E-bay is selling them for a crazy amount, but they are sold out at LV.
  4. Exactly. Before I start the ardous search, I want to be sure what I'll be getting.
  5. The book is not only beautiful on your coffee table it's an interesting read for LV collectors. Good luck finding one at a reasonable price!
  6. It's a great book full of history including text and pictures. I love it! I hope you can get ahold of one!
  7. how much does this book retail for...
  8. I want one as well, I was late and never got one, now guess I will have to pay 350+ for it haha, and it's technically just paper haha.
  9. I bought my copy for 125 USD nearly 2 years ago. You can get it on Amazon for 750 USD now. Yikes. That's a really good investment. I've also got the Icons book and I think I'll buy whatever future books come out.
  10. It is a great book.