Question about the Belen Echandia Take Me Anywhere bag...

  1. I just bought this bag in chocolate after having drooled over it for awhile now but was wondering about the size in real life. I did a search for posts on the bag and it seemed like most of the fabulous ladies who own one are around 5'5 or so and it just looks so perfectly gorgeous on them. It was those great reviews and pics, along with the pic on the BE site of a girl at their trunk show who was wearing this exact bag that just totally sold me on it. :drool: Jackie at BE said that she is also 5'5 and does not find it to be overwhelming on her at all but that she likes big bags. I also adore larger bags (especially since I often carry my three year olds' items with me instead of carrying a separate bag for her) but am only a mere 5'2 and was wondering if I'll be able to pull it off without it looking ridiculously huge on me. I was just so in love with the style (oh and that fuschia lining!) and needed a staple chocolate colored bag in my collection that I didn't really think too much about the size on me, lol. :rolleyes:
    Kinda wondering if there are any others who own/love this bag and might be around my height...I know there are shorter shoulder straps which will allow the bag to be worn a little higher than if I were to use the longer one (though I so love the look of that single strap) but I was also sorta wondering about the overall body of the bag as well. I figured that I just need to try it on to really know, but it isn't due to arrive until later in the week or early next week and I'm just so excited to know more or less what to expect now, lol! :yes: Thank you in advance for any advice that may be sent my way! :p
  2. I don't have this bag but I LOVE it!!!!!! Hopefully someone who owns this bag will be able to help you! Please post pics when it arrives!!!!
  3. Hi there

    Well I'm one of the 5'5" girls who has the TMA in chocolate..I do love it...but must admit when I first got it I was taken aback by its size. It's by far my largest bag. I have an MJ Blake and thought that was it took some time for me to feel comfortable with it. My advise is to give yourself time may take some adjusting. The only other thing I'd say is that the Love Me bag in chocolate is also TDF....and it looks a smidge smaller. If it turns out to be too too big, maybe you could do an exchange...hope that helps...
  4. Thanks for that reply! :smile: Jackie did say that the Love Me was just a tad bit shorter but that they were both about the same size overall...I do adore the style of the TMA though. Oh well, hopefully I'll just love it!
    Maybe I can post pics when I get it and you can all help me decide if its overwhelming on me or not...I always seem to need a second opinion! :p
  5. I am 5"4 and I have it in the petrol color. If you do a search and look for Jadejett-she posted pictures of herself holding the bag. I do not feel overwhelmed at all by the size of the bag-perhaps if I were a size 2 I might, but that unfortunately is not my problem!:roflmfao: I love the bag and bought a second style called the Stroke Me and I love that one as well!
  6. Yes, I posted a bunch of pics of my Take Me Anywhere in Petrol awhile back.
    I'm 5"9 however. It is a big bag but it's really about confidence.
    I think you'll be fine. :yes:
  7. Congrats, glamourgirl! She is going to look lovely on you :smile:

    I'll admit, the size of the TMA is what made me lean toward the Love Me - but I agree with jadejett - it's about *how* you wear it. If you are confident about how lovely it looks on you, who will deny it? :yes:
  8. Thanks Aud! :smile: I gotta admit...part of what renewed my interest in this line was your posts on that gorgeous Love Me that you just got. :p I was so intrigued by the BE bags during their last sale and then absolutely fell in love with the chocolate TMA when I saw this pic...
    I just loved the richness of the color and the way the bag looked when worn. But then I got distracted by HH, lol! Hopefully the style and size will work on me.
    Oh and I hope you'll post a review of your new beauty when you get it! I'm kinda thinking about ordering the Indulge Me in black crash leather next. :drool:
  9. You know blabber-mouth me- I will toooootaaahlly do a review/post on it :p! (I check out the link to the pic at least twice a day, sick puppy that I am LOL!)
  10. Totally agree - swing that bag and strut ... it's a sassy, fantastic bag - you'll love it.
  11. I have the TMA in White and I am only 5' 1". I don't use the longer strap on my shoulders and it is fine on me but I like big bags.
  12. I have the TMA in black (purchased during the last sale). It is a very large bag -- the biggest I own. (I'm 5'7" so I can carry it off pretty easily.) I carry it when I travel and it fits files, my laptop, havaianas, a cardigan, water bottle, etc, etc.

    I live the versatility of the straps -- when it's loaded down I carry it with the long strap, and when I have a lighter load I throw the shorter straps over my shoulder. The quality of the leather and finishing is EXCEPTIONAL.

    The other thing that I notice is I get the "look" from other women. You know the one -- when someone is trying to figure out what kind of bag you're carrying. The great thing is that there's a small group of us who have the bags so you don't see yourself coming and going.

    You'll love it.
  13. When do they have their sale ("she asks in the most coy fashion")