Question about the Batignolles Vertical...

  1. I'm only 5'4"...Am I too short for the Batignolles Vertical? I really love the shape much better than the horizontal. I haven't seen it on person, but I'm thinking about ordering that one.
  2. Thanks Bag Fetish. I was in there earlier begging for someone to post a pic of themselves carrying the Batignolles Vertical.:lol:
  3. I thought someone said the vertical makes short people look taller. When I tried on both bags at the store I liked the vertical much better because it didn't stick out and I always knock things over when I carry a wide tote!
  4. That's what I'm thinking...I don't want to knock things and people over when I turn a corner.:lol:

    I just love the shape of the vertical so much more. :love:
  5. I'm actually a bit shorter than you, and BV looked better on me than BH!! I feel BV makes short people look taller because it's vertical. I did post a pic of me with BV in a previous post (you can search for it).
  6. my mom is 5'2" and the BV looked like a monster on her. i wish i could take a picture of her wearing it but she's all the way across the globe :sad:
  7. My cousin is your height and she has the BV. It elongates her a bit and is very flattering.
  8. I'm 5'4" too, and I have the vertical....It actually makes me look taller!! The horizontal sticks out too much on the sides for me.
  9. i don't think you'd be too short for it. i'm 5'1 and i have one..
  10. If you like it but is not sure if it might be too big, why not go and see it in the store? You might go for the plain batignolles instead if you find that it looks big on you.