Question about the Balenciaga Box Style

  1. Hi Ladies, I need some help please! I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I just purchased a white Box B-bag but was told by the SA that it was a Twiggy. I am a little disappointed because I thought I had purchased based on the Twiggy I saw on display. I was excited because the SA brought out one from the back stock. They do look similar but I thought I was taking home a Twiggy. They do not have any white Twiggy's left and the Manager says they won't be getting any more white B-bags in.

    My question is the Box does not seem to be very popular on this forum. Is there a reason why? Can you tell me why you purchased other styles vs the Box? Or why you chose to buy the Box?

    I am thinking of returning this for a black Twiggy... Thanks so mcuh for your help & advice! I appreciate the help so I can make a decision!
  2. I have two Twiggys and no Box. The only reason is that I like the size of the Twiggy. It holds quite a bit more. The box is nice too.
  3. I have a box and I think it is great! It is a bit smaller than the twiggy and a bit more squared, but does look very similar overall. If you are not 100% happy though, exchange it for what you really want!
  4. Thanks for your help ladies!
    If anyone else has an opinion or advice about why they chose City or Twiggy instead of the Box style, please post.
  5. I had a city and sold it - too large and flat for me - I had a twiggy and returned it - too long and reminded me of a loaf of bread! I do have a first and I DID have 2 boxes which I also sold - only for a monetary reason! However, I loved the box a lot - I liked that it was wider than the first so it held a lot more - plenty of room - I just did not like the twiggy size at all! JMO...
  6. I have a twiggy and a box and size-wise, I totally prefer the box. But I am hanging on to my twiggy because I adore the color so much and the size is less of an issue now that I am used to it.

    By the way, I posted a similar question a while ago, wondering why the box wasn't popular around here. Not one person said they didn't like it. It is just more unique and rare on these boards. I love my box!
  7. I have a city and a box and I love them both, although the box is the perfect size for everyday and great for going out.
  8. On that Everything Balenciaga thread there are some lovely Box pics. I had never seen a photo of one before, but it certainly caught my eye!
  9. Great, thanks so much for your feedback! I have decided to kee my white Box. It is a great summer bag! You guys are the best & I am so glad I found this forum.
  10. Great choice! I really like the style of the box, although I admit I wasn't crazy about it until I saw it in person. Things seem to stay very well organized in the box. I love my city but I often feel like I am endlessly searching for stuff lost at the bottom of the bag!
  11. I have 2 cities and a twiggy. Does the box hold more than the first?
  12. It does hold a little more -- mostly because of the depth.
  13. I completely agree!
  14. I have a box and I love it. It actually holds quite a bit. I think it's the perfect purse size and a good everyday bag. Not too big or small.
  15. i have the twiggy and box but i LOVE the twiggy so much more. somehow the box just looks weird on me cos the sides stick out in an unnatural way whereas the twiggy just slouches nicely.