Question about the Bal WORK bag

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  1. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but does the Bal WORK bag fit over the shoulder like the purse does?
  2. roo, it depends how big your shoulders are. :P
    i wouldn't say the handles are as long as the purse though, but it is longer than the city. it fits on my shoulder just fine.
  3. THANKS ESILE! I am trying to help my girlfriend choose a Bal bag. She thinks the City is too small and also wants something that goes over the shoulder. Do you happen to have a photo you'd mind sharing wearing yours? I would like to show it to her. The Barney's here in Seattle does carry Bal bags but we have not had a chance to get over there and look.
  4. your welcome, roo.:flowers: anytime.
  5. I agree with esile the work is the best
  6. me tooooooooooooo ^^:tender:
  7. I just helped a friend by a B-bag this weekend. She didn't like the shoulder strap on the city, the work didn't feel right on her shoulder, so she ended up getting the Purse. While I am a Work fan, I think my next bag will be a Purse.
  8. here is another picture to give you a sense of how the work fits on the shoulder. i am wearing a short sleeves shirt and a semi-jacket ("semi" because it is not a thick jacket) and it stills feel comfortable on my shoulder.

    i love the work too! it is my favorite style and i always carry it on my shoulder.

    another note: my work is still pretty new so there is no stretch on it yet.
  9. Gorgeous on ya!! is that blueberry or ink?
  10. thanks fayewolf! it is a ink :biggrin:
  11. robotdoll loving that work on you!
  12. Okay, maybe I should keep mine, it looks so freakn gorgeous on ya!!
    Mine is very veiny though, not sure how in the hell to get those out.
  13. Thanks for the pic Robot! That's really cool!