question about the baby cabas

  1. A few months ago i was looking into buying a cabas bag in black patent leather for, if i remember around $900somthing, but i was 5 on the list and Saks only got four.

    Anyway i was wondering if this bag is still available or what the prices on the newer Baby Cabas's are?

    Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Are you referring to the Vinyl coco cabas? the popular one is Vinyl (thats why the prices are a bit on the low side-not leather), I dont know whether they make it in patent leather.
    I heard this bag is sold out everywhere, you can try eBay or maybe the rest of the lovely ladies here can help=)

    The new prices for the leather is $1995 I believe. I dont know whether they are issuing the vinyl in the fall.
  3. U can check if there is anymore baby cabas leather available from Nordstrom. I just received my dark silver baby cabas from Nordstrom today. I love it!
  4. Good luck! I'm looking to get the baby cabas for my graduation present. :biggrin: