Question about the Ashley

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  1. I'm lusting over this bag but I've been debatin back and forth. My concern is the gunmetal is a metallic and I'm worried the metallic will rub off. I had a platinum madeline that that happened too and I don't want to have to return her because I know me and I know it will bother me.

    Anyone have any experiences with it? Any input?
  2. I bought a gunmetal Ashlyn in late July and have carried it every day. I would say I am "average" hard on a purse and I haven't babied the bag. There is some very minor/minute dulling of the metallic on the corners. You would really need to look very closely and in just the right light to see it. Speaking personally, it doesn't really bother me - might be different if it starts happening in a spotty fashion over the whole bag. For what it's worth, I really love this bag and its color. As a pretty conservative person colorwise (ususally a black, brown, beige leather purse type), this was a big step for me. The size works really well for me and I love the outside pocket - just right for my wristlet. The only complaint I have is that the strap seems to slide too easily off my shoulder. Hope this helps a little with your decision :smile:
  3. Thank you! I can deal with some minor wear and tear. The thing with the madeline was I'd had the bag maybe 2-3wks and the metallic coating was coming off and looked awful.

    Maybe tomorrow I will bring miss Ashley home with me and let her speak for herself ;)
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