Question about the Aquarelle / Watercolor Scarf & Speedy Questions


Vampire Cat!
Mar 17, 2007
Hi Ladies,

I have never been tempted by LV before, but one of the LV girls had posted something on another board and in her signature was the most lovely LV bag. I had to hunt through pages of her bags (pages! what a lucky woman) until I found out what it was. It turned out to be:

A LV Aquarelle Speedy 35.

So I have a few questions for you lovely LV ladies:

1. Do you think it will be possible in later months (or years) to score a used (authentic, but did I really need to add that) one on ebay for under $700? I imagine after the initial buzz wore down on the previous hot items like Murkami, Cherry Blossoms, etc, the bags were considerably less...

2. What is the actual retail of this bag?

3. In terms of Aquarelle scarves, I have seen the Aquarelle Bandeau scarf, does anyone know if there is a larger Aquarelle scarf?

tia for any help!
Jul 9, 2007
The watercolor speedy retails for $1270. Since it is termed as a "special edition" bag I would doubt that it will ever get to the $700 mark in the second hand market. The grafitti bags and cerises line are going for around $1000 due to the limited amount that are out there.

The bandeau is the only size that I have seen in watercolor and can be ordered at or by calling 866.vuitton. They are really good on the phone about locating items in stores and having them shipped.


May 18, 2006
I think the prices for the CB and cerise went down because of their condition. Afterall, it's VERY rare to run into one that's in mint condition. If anything, the prices for the watercolors will remain pretty stable or maybe increase a bit after the summer as they won't be available anymore.