question about the alma

  1. i just bought my first lv..the damier alma:yahoo: i absolutely love it but the first day i wore it, i notice it ached my arm/wrist where i carried the bag. anyone else who owns the alma have this problem?? or is it just because its my first couple of days?! much do you guys usually put in your bag..til it starts to feel a bit to heavy :s
  2. I carry my Alma by hand. I've had her for years and I find this is the only comfortable way to carry her.
  3. I just got my Damier Alma last week. I just love mine too! I don't carry a lot in it because it's heavier than I'm used to as it is (I usually carry speedies). I pretty much just have my Porte Tresor International, my Mono Koala agenda, a small make up case and my phone in it and that's all.

    It's a beautiful bag, isn't it? I get so many compliments on it. I do wear mine on my arm, but I pared way down what I carry so it wouldn't be so heavy. If you do that, I think you will love it so much more. I'm not planning on wearing it every day, but will wear it when I want a more classy, sophisticated look. The speedies can be for casual. I just love mine!
  4. yes i love it! its so classy and clean looking. im sure i'll get use to it..pain is beauty sometimes :biggrin:...what do you use to keep it clean? if you even use anything
  5. I don't imagine this will get dirty at all. I've used mine every day this week and there isn't a mark anywhere. It's pretty indestructable. I just love it. The key for me was to really pare down what I put in it so it isn't heavy and then I just love it. I think this is one of the prettiest bags made by LV!
  6. thanks again!!
  7. I carry my Alma in my hand. I only put it on my arm if I am using my hands for something.
  8. i have a black epi alma that i share with my mommy.. i mostly carry it on my arm with out any discomfort
  9. I have the MC Alma and a black Epi Alma and neither cause me any sort of pain. I don't carry a ton and I find the space in the bag quite ample. I do carry it on both my arm and handheld. Either way this bag looks great! And, if you are having pain, maybe you are crooking your arm in an odd way?
  10. maybe that might be it. i'm sure i'll get use to it. i did just wear it for one day hahah...
  11. You'll get used to it! Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  12. I've got the black epi alma and i've never had any problems with it. i carry it on the crook of my arm for the most part and i carry it in my hand very rarely. it is not THAT heavy of a bag, but maybe try minimizing what you throw in it? :confused1: i usually have my PTI, eyeglasses case, 6-key holder and my car keys/cles, and a small notebook from time to time, in it (if you need pics let me know).

    but congrats on your new/first lv!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:you're just gonna love her! :tender:
  13. a picture would be great~ thanks again..and i already love her..its such a beautiful little bag!!:love: i just wish i went to more places so i could take her with me! school's not the greatest and most convenient place to carry her:sad:
  14. here you go! ^_^ and why wouldn't it be the greatest place to carry your alma? i take mine to school all the time!...well except lately due to the rain. yeah i know it's epi and rain won't really do anything to it, but i just baby my leather so much lols :shame: i hope this helps out, but enjoy your new bag! let me know f there's anything else that i can do to help!

  15. thanks again! i love the matching wallet :nuts: i really wanted the ivorie epi alma, but i hear the ivorie is so prone to color transfer i didn't want to stress while wearing her...

    i didnt wanna bring her to school because then i'd hafta find a nice place to sit her down while in class..and i'd hafta worry about other things like bumping up against a wall or corner :wtf:..esp since i just got her! maybe in a few months, who knows :yes: i know damier is very sturdy