question about the ali

  1. Did it come in chocolate? Also i'm 5'3" with noodle arms, is it going to fit comofortabley on my shoulder? Not fit "too" snuggly?

    tysm! :smile:
  2. It did come in a dark brown color. Not sure of the exact color name. There is lots of room on your shoulder. Its not binding what so ever.
  3. darn, I wish that color is available on eBay :sad: You don't think any out of the outlets have it still do you?....
  4. Its a could still call around and check. Ya just never know.
  5. It was known simply as "brown" in Coach's world.

    It was, however, a department store exclusive and never in boutiques. JAX sold out of their limited quantites a few months ago.

    Good luck tracking her down, brown was beautiful!
  6. i'm sure it is!

    ty girls!