Question about the Ali in Whiskey...

  1. I was just at the Coach store today to buy it. They were sold out, but they ordered one for me in the Whiskey color that I should have by next Wednesday. My question is...I know that that handbag is going to look great if I'm wearing browns, but would you carry it if you were wearing black? Thanks for the recommendations in advance.
  2. That is my question too. I love the Whiskey but does it go with black? I really, really love the white but too hard to keep clean and Not sure I would feel comfortable with a white handbag in the winter.
  3. I personally wouldn't. However if you are wearing black with brown, I think you could work it out.
  4. I think that it would look OK with black.
  5. I think it'll be fine with black, I have the Vintage Carryall in Cognac and it looks fine together.
  6. I've already worn it with black and think it looks great. For me, the color is a neutral kind of brown, where it's more like just "leather" color instead of a true brown like chocolate or mahogany.
  7. I have to say that I toyed around with getting the white one as well. They told me that the rules about white after Labor Day are gone. Somehow I just can't seem to get over that, though. I guess that I have to remember with the Whiskey color that it is probably along the same lines as carrying a Louis Vuitton color handbag. What doesn't it go with?
  8. I think the whiskey is a neutral color and would look great with anything. Enjoy it, that is the bag on my wish list!