Question about the Agenda books

  1. DO the agenda books come with all the paper and stuff inside them or is that extra? Also, do you have to buy new stuff every yr for the new dates?
  2. you have to get the refills separately, which include the calendar, notepaper, planner and address book.

    and yes you have to get the new calendar and planner every year
  3. And also - what types of "pages" do you have in your agenda book?
  4. Do these have to be bought at an LV store or can you buy them at Staples?
  5. Some of the ladies here buy their refills in other stationery stores if you don't want to shill out the $ to get it from LV.
  6. my agenda has the calendar, then weekly planner, a traveler's guide (which includes conversion tables and maps of the world), address book, and notepaper.

    i hope i answered your question correctly :wondering:.

    i don't know if you can get them at Staples, because i don't know if they will fit the binder. but you can get them at the LV store, or call 866-VUITTON.
  7. So the size is *universal* then? Guess that's kinda what I am wondering cause I saw Staples sells those inserts too.
  8. Thanks for your help Sandra! I will ck it out!
  9. I don't own a LV agenda book so I'm not too sure about it. I just remember reading it from other threads that people actually buy the refills from other places. It might only work for the medium agenda sizes but then I don't know... :angel: Try running a search here to look for those threads.
  10. Ok thx! Medium was the size I am eyeing.