Question about the 20% coupon till october 17th

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  1. Should I print the coupon and bring it for today or tomorrow? Or will they be handing them out? I don't want to print it out for nothing.. Thanks:biggrin:
  2. This has only happened to me one time - I had an in-date pre-printed coupon in my purse and they were NOT giving them out at the outlet door. There was no mention of a coupon at all. I actually got mine out and checked the dates because I couldn't understand it. (They started giving them out a day or two later.) When I enquired about the coupon the SA said "Oh, you have a coupon? Yes, then you will get an extra 20% off!"

    I don't know what the deal was, maybe they were testing a new policy that didn't last very long?

    Anyway, they will probably be handing out the coupons at the door but you could call in advance to make sure. If you live far from the outlet, you might want to print it out just to be safe.
  3. they used to not hand the coupons out at the door. the only way you could get the discount was by having the print out from the email one but it seems like they have usually been handing them out recently but you never know with the way they change things! I always have one printed out and with me, just in case.
  4. Alright thanks! I'll print it just in case
  5. Yeah I'd take it just in case. Chances are they will be handing them out, but you never know. You could call and ask right before you leave if you're worried about wasting your printer ink and paper.
  6. I was at the outlets on thurs day and they were handing out coupons. I never print out a coupon. If they are not handing out coupons I used to just show them the email and I got the 20 % off.
  7. Where is the link here for the coupon?
  8. Yeah I usually just show them the coupon on my phone if they don't have one. Most times, they don't even ask to see it.