Question about tax breaks....

  1. Can you get a tax break if you have your H ship out of state? In what scenarios will it work? I live in California. Could I have it shipped to Texas for no tax?

    It just doesn't seem consistent. Sometimes it works one way, but not vice-versa. Does it depend on the retailer? TIA!
  2. Generally speaking if there is a retail outpost in the state you will be sending the bag to, you will be charged the local sales tax there. In your case, Texas has Hermes stores, so I believe the sales tax charged will be the local sales tax for the address you are shipping to in TX. If, there is no H-store where the item is being shipped to, i.e., say the state of Oregon, then you should not be charged sales tax.

    I do remember there being an exception for one of the H-stores--a franchise--was it KOP? A member was stating they don't charge sales tax for shipping out of state--not sure if someone could verify this.
  3. I live in Pa (where KOP is located) and if I could have had my birkin shipped out of state, I would have saved $500.
  4. I have heard of people who buy high priced items and have it shipped out of state for the tax break. The twist is......the retailer just sends an empty box, and lets the customer take home the item. Bet H would never do this...
  5. My best friend lives in New Hampshire and I honestly was visiting her after my Birkin had arrived at my US store(I live in Canada) I was going to have it shipped to New Hampshire(no tax) and I would have had to insure it for the entire amount,but if it was lost it would not be replaced by Hermes. I would just get my money back from insurance. I decided to just pay the tax and pick it up myself. My Hermes store was willing to ship it. It was entirely my choice(even though the probability of loss was slim) I didn't want to take a risk.
  6. Last year when I got my Birkin, it was shipped to me, tax free to Seattle WA since there is no H here.
    They did charge $50 to ship via FedEx.
  7. You know what? For once I am happy that here is no H store in either Washington or Oregon!! There has to be some upside to not having an H store to shop at!!
  8. There was a big scandale in NY about this type of practice by some high-end jewelry stores a few years ago. The stores got in big trouble. It is tax avoidance. I don't know what happened to the customers, but it couldn't have been pleasant.

    If you shop out of state, it is a great perk. If not, bite the bullet and pay your taxes.
  9. I didn't know it was a practice or about the scandal. I just heard of an instance where it happened, and it sure didn't sound legal when I heard about it. :nogood:

    But Im sure its perfectly legal to have an item you buy actually shipped to an address that you request. I guess it all comes down to geography.