Question about Taupe Paddington..

  1. Hi everyone
    I have been browsing the forum and admiring all of your stunning Paddingtons. My gosh, some of you ladies have gorgeous family pics!

    I fell in love with the Taupe color the minute I saw it! Does anyone have any information on which season this color is from? Can I still find it in stores or online anywhere or can I only get a pre-owned one?

    If you guys know of any authentic websites that carry it, please let me know.

    Thanks! Jenn
  2. I'm not sure but I think NM may have a front pocket satchel Paddy in taupe.
  3. You can get the taupe large zippy bowler on net a, but only on the international site, not the US one. You have to click on "change" up at the top. I have it, it's gorgeous.:heart: The dimensions are 17x10 (approx). If you like large handbags, this is for you:jammin: !! The taupe is a beautiful medium tannish, gray tone that goes with everything!:smile: Good luck! Oh, I stand corrected. I think I saw it also on the US site at NAP as well. Try both to be sure!
  4. The medium sized zippy is on in taupe, if that size is better than the large. I think the medium is about 14x9 approx. :yes:
  5. Hi I looking for a taupe too in something other than the original Paddy satchel. I didn't see the one you were referring to on Bergdorf's, can you attach a link. Thanks.
  6. Oh-oh...I think it's gone! Someone grabbed it...:crybaby: I have the larger one that's on NAP, and frankly...I like it better. It's not THAT much bigger, and really "makes a statement." The leather is TDF...:heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. I have the taupe, its a 2006 paddy, and its still by far the nicest paddy I have ever owned :yes:

    I can be a complete Taupe bore, telling everybody what an amazing colour it is lol, but it really does go with everything and is one of the few colours that you can use all year round.l I love it :biggrin:
  8. Where is the best place to buy Chloe Paddington bag? I posted this question already, but I think on the wrong site. It will be my first, I'm excited about the thought of it! :smile:
  9. Hi Catgirl,

    Neiman Marcus online for you has Chloes has chloes
    Aloharag has chloes

    lots around, have a look at the online sites and see what takes your fancy :smile:
  10. Chloe-babe, I'm with you on this! I have the taupe in three styles! :nuts: :the medium paddy, the large bouler zippy, which is the one on the UK NAP, and the one that I'm currently carrying, the large US shopper, and you're right, they are all from '06...I tell everyone it's the best color for all seasons too!:yes: (I don't know how they stand us!! :yahoo: )
  11. I really need to get one and I agree, taupe is not boring. In 2006 I remember seeing a taupe Paddy in Neiman's and I had just purchased a Paddy Satchel in Blue Jeans Moyen and silly me back then thought I shouldn't have two of the same bags--wish I had known what the future would bring for me with Chloe bags. Anyway it was something other than the regular satchel because I remember the padlock seemed to be in a different place. My new thing is that I try to get the different colors I want in different styles rather than all satchels. I have the east west big bowler in Blanc, and so I'd like to get the taupe in a different style (plus the big bowler really is big), so other than the bowler style and the regular satchel what else did taupe come in. Was it only made in 2006, was it called any other names than taupe. I'm on a mission and you girls know how that is.

    I bought a BCBG Max Azria bag in taupe to get over it, but it wasn't the same, I need Chloe taupe.
  12. Also Bergdorf Goodman (which is connected to Neimans)
  13. Well, the only taupe that I know of currently is the one on NAP, but I will let you know if I see anything else!:yes: Yes, I have many of the same colors in different styles. Chloe does that to addicting!:nuts: As far as I know it was only made in '06...the roche color is bit may want to check that out:smile: But alas, the newer leather!

  14. ReRe~ I just bought the Chloe Paddington in Taupe. I am having a difficult time attaching a picture. I'll start a another post after this one with the picture of it. I wasn't sure at first about it because the color in the picture looked grayish. But I just got it and I LOVE it!!!! I found the same one I bought on Ebay. I will provide the Ebay item number in case the link doesn't work. It is 270107336092. The link is:
  15. Here is a picture of the Chloe Paddington in Taupe that I just bought and LOVE.:yahoo: