Question about tangerine

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  1. I just received a tangerine mam from LB and was wondering if anyone else has a tangerine MAM from there? Does your leather smell different/weird? I can't explain it, but the tangerine doesn't have the same fresh leather smell as my ruby MAM.
  2. I will let you know I am getting one from somewhere but in my hase of purse shoppng I have no idea where it's coming from...hmph I hope I am still getting it!
  3. My RM had a little smell to it when i first got it too. It has something to do with the glazing process. Any of the bags that have the glaze on it have a slight stink to it. SOme of the girls recommended putting dryer sheets in it, and leaving it outside for a few hrs. Mine didn't really bother me much, and has faded out a lot in the past few weeks i've been using it.
  4. I have the Tangerine MAM, and I know what you mean. It doesn't smell "weird" to me, but it doesn't smell anything like any of my other RM bags. I think this has to do with some sort of glazing process on the Tangerine leather(since it does have a bit of a glazed finish). Not certain on this, but just a thought.
  5. Thanks. I was wondering if it was the glaze b/c I don't think the ruby has a glaze.
    If that's all it is, then I am happy b/c I love the color. It is a fun neutral!
  6. thanks for your reply! I love how quickly the girls in this forum jump in to help each other.

    When, I said weird, I guess I just meant strong and less leather like. I'm betting it's the glaze and am airing it out right now!
  7. My violet has a slight glaze too and so does my eggplant but both smell like leather. Not too strong.
  8. My violet Matinee & Tangy MAM both had an oil-paint smell. It goes away when the bag airs out.
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