Question about tan

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  1. Sorry to bombard you guys with questions but its been so busy here that I rarely get leisure time online..usually I get on to shop real quick and that's it lol. So now you get to hear all of my questions at once lol.

    Anyway...I've been really loving the smooshiness of my tan MMS and the shape (it just really goes with the matte imo but then I don't have a lot of experience with it in other leathers) of it just really works for me...I use it for everything from church to grocery shopping lol. Question is..can you wear tan in fall and winter or is that a no no? I know I should just wear what I like but fashion wise, does it seem weird? Is "winter white" the correct color to use during this time of year whereas tan is more of a spring/summer color?
  2. I'm wearing my tan tote this autumn and all through winter, too. I got some tan shoes and some tan boots, so I am ready for red and yellow leaves and some ice and snow, although Dallas will probably not see much ice or snow even though I wish for it every year.
  3. ^^
    Thanks moonfancy!! I live in a tropical area and so our winters are pretty mild but I still want to be fashionably correct kwim? I've been seeing kind of a lot of browns and cognac in fashion mags so I was hoping I could pull of the it just me or does the color seem to get more butterscotchy the longer you have it? Not like it darkens but like it gets more rich or something...the leather has definitely gotten more yummy! BTW, did you use anything on your tan tote to protect it?
  4. I would carry the tan and I've seen some lovely scarves tied on BE bags as accents... not that BE bags need any help being beautified - maybe a rust/cognac scarf on the mms?? if needed?
  5. Tan is an all-year colour IMO!..and I will not hesitate to use it in my second home country India, which also is a very tropical country ;)

    My DIL has a Tan travel set never ever treated..and has over the years developed the most gorgeous sheen!..and might I add this has been used lots and lots..
  6. My tan Tote Me has softened so quickly. It's light, holds a lot, and is easy to carry. I used Lovin' My Bags products, but I might soon try the new leather care stuff that Lovie uses. I can't remember the name of it. When my Tote Me arrived, it was very dry. But it came to beautiful life after a spa treatment. And you're right -- the leather is extremely butterscotchy and supple.

  7. I wear tan all year round. I have an old skool tan I'm Yours and it's going to get a lot of wear this autumn/winter with all the camel colours about.
  8. I wear tan all year. I had the old school tan and the newer version. Both seemed to be fine, but the older tan did have more of a rustic quality that did seem better suited for cold weather. I can't imagine anyone thinking that it would be a fashion faux pas. I think people would be concerned about slushy, road dirt, but sounds like you don't have to deal with that. Lucky you!
  9. Tan is a classic handbag colour and never goes out of style, wear her with pride any time you like. Apart from anything else it will compliment nicely the on trend Autumn / Winter tones coming through.
  10. I wear tan all year round. No one will bat an eye if you wear a tan bag in the fall/winter.
  11. I wear tan all year round too. It looks great with black, with browns when you don't want to be too "matchy matchy" and if you wear red it looks great then too.

    Oh, and to answer your question, the tan does get more butterscotchy and develops a lovely shine where it rubs against the body.
  12. Thanks you guys! It does kinda feel like it could be close to the camel family of colors...I love camel but thanks to the beach weather here, I usually have a tan and so the tan matte looks closer to flesh toned for me than camel does..I like that kind of monochromatic look..
  13. That's a super idea! I'm gonna try it with red. :smile:
  14. Tan is definitely an all year round color. Count me as another one who wears it whenever and wherever. Enjoy your tan bag. :tup: