question about taking care of your bag

  1. i've had my pelham since last summer, and its getting a bit dirty/not as pretty as when i first bought it.

    if i take it in to gucci, could they clean it for me? the braided leather straps are looking a bit tattered too :crybaby:
  2. Try it and find out. Only gucci can tell you if they will help or not. :smile:

    They may refer you to a third party, like a shoe repair shop...thats what they do here.
  3. has anyone ever taken their bag in to gucci?
    if they DO have cleaning services, do they do a good job?
  4. I was at Gucci 5th Avenue in NYC awhile ago getting a bag repaired for my friend. I was in the actual office and not the store (but it's next to the store) The woman in front of me was asking about how to get her bag cleaned. They referred her to a dry cleaner who would steam clean their bag.
  5. what about canvas getting a bit frayed around to do you guys upkeep that!! :sad: HELP HELP HELP!!!