Question about Taiga VIKTOR

  1. Hi all,

    I just bought a Taiga Viktor messagner bag (in grey) a few weeks ago. I totally luv the bag. However I do have one concern after a few uses:

    I have been wearing the bag across my shoulder. I noticed that the leather is too soft which causes it to fold vertically around my body. Now there is a visible dent on the top side of the flip cover due to that.

    I was thinking of gluing a hard wire against the interior backside of the bag. But the idea of gluing something to the bag gives me nightmare....Does anyone have any suggestion or idea of preventing it from happening? Or should I just live with it? Thanks for all your helps in advance!!!!!
  2. Dont glue anything! My Ivan in Taiga looks like it has a dent, its normal because its leather, dont worry about it :smile:
  3. i've got a Viktor too and it also has that crease. it is unavoidalble, its just the way it is. i wouldn't "improve" or alter it - it will void the lifetime repair and service at LV.
  4. DO NOT GLUE! :wtf: Whatever you do , do not glue it! Either exchange it for something more structured or live with it. there are other bags that'll keep up their structure better in the same size.
  5. try putting a magazine or two inside and avoid wearing it on the side instead try wearing it towards the back and losen the strap abit so that it'slower all messanger bags do this unfortunatelly...
  6. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I think I will just live with it so I won't void the warranty. I just found out about :yahoo: this forum and it is so great to see all the LV enthusastics on here!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. The Viktor is beautiful. Don't alter it, crease or no crease, it adds character to the bag.