question about switching bags often

  1. just curious for those of you with several LV's. Do you guys switch bags daily, weekly, or when?? :smile:
  2. whenever the mood strikes, some times daily sometimes every other day etc
  3. I have been using my speedy 25 for over a month now - only switched 2 nights when I went to Christmas parties and called for an evening type bag. Other than that, I haven't switched at all. I really don't plan to until the spring/ summer when I plan to get that baggy pm below! :smile:
  4. i don't switch as much as i'd like to actually bc i am a obsessive compulsive mess:push: and need everything inside my bag to match:shame: ...this is too much work to do every day/every week even....once every other week or so...
  5. i rotate as often as i can, but it really depends on the weather, the occasion and my outfit :yes:. although i use my Monogram and Damier Speedy 25s as my everyday drag-around bags
  6. Lately I've been carrying around the petit noe and bucket on and off (the petit noe is getting more attention lately, however) for work, everyday. I reserve the papillon for shopping and travel, and the large noe is definitely for school or travel. The pochette accessories is used for weekends and shopping.

    I don't like rotating bags, though. :sad: I hate taking everything out and in.
  7. I rotate weekly usually.
  8. :yes: :yes:
  9. I swith my bag every week~~
  10. I switch a lot. It all depends on the weather, how much stuff I need to take, what I want to take, if I feel like holding my bag or putting it on my shoulder, or what style matches my outfit best. I'll switch more than once a day if I have to. :yes:
  11. I switch my bags a lot....almost daily :smile:

    Some people wonder how I can do that and they asked me if I do that same on wallets :p
  12. I switch bag with how much I carry and what I wear. I need more accesoires though, because it takes too much time to switch pastilles/pochette around all the time.
  13. whenever my situation changes! and i need a diff bag!
  14. whenever! sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, sometimes hourly. =P
  15. depends on where I am going...but for the past 4 months it's usually been my mini lin bucket...that bag can stand it...