Question about swimming pools?

Jun 15, 2006
could anyone tell me what kind of maintainence you need for an outdoor pool? it would be a private house pool in a pretty hot climate so I don't think it needs heating.
do you need pumps & filters etc? do need to add chemicals etc?
thank you!!!


Dec 27, 2005
You need to add chemicals a few times a week to keep the levels perfect. The pool would have a filter so you would just need to hose it down if it is that type, some you only clean maybe once a month-others every week. You also have to clean the bottom and the side of the pool with the vacumn hose attachment. Of course if you have a screened in pool, like most of our houses did in Florida, there was very little junk that got in the pool (like leaves).
We always had a pool service and it ranged from $50.00-$70.00 (US dollars a month). They did the cleaning and adding any chemicals.
It is well worth it to have your own pool, the enjoyment and peace if offers is wonderful.
Good luck.
You can always check out a web site on pools and the care required.


Vegas Vixen
Sep 25, 2006
We have one and the expenses range from monthly service ($85 a month), occasional parts (filters and of course stuff breaks), and the increase on your electric bill. I guess ours costs about another $50 a month on the electric bill to run the pool motor.

Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
Here's another side - I HATED mine. What these people are paying for service is low, guess it depends on the area. Mine had several fountains & was negative edge. So maybe it was more work to begin with. Had to have it retiled after only 6 years - cost $9,000.
You also need to acid wash ever so often which is about $1,000. Drain whole pool, down time a few days.
Depending on where you live it could negatively effect the value of your home, like areas where its not use year round. Lots of people don't wnat pools. When I lived where we got snow, my neighbor had a nice house & couldn't sell it. She ended up filling the pool with dirt & building a big deck over it, her house sold immmediately. Check this out first before making a commitment.
Look into a salt water pool. Minimal hassels & better for you than chemicals.


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
Echo the above. I would never buy a house with a pool again. It's too much work, the Electricity costs to run the pump and the pool sweep 6 hr a day are insane!!

Alsol, no matter how hot your climate, you will need to heat it via some method if you intend to use it. Water gains and looses heat quickly so it can cool dramatically overnight even.

I live in a very hot valley in No Cal and my pool is all but frigid unless the outside temp gets to 114+ and STAYS there for days and days.

Good luck!!


Choose to be happy
Sep 19, 2006
Pools have changed alot in recent years. Growing up our pool was a pain, chemicals, vacuuming, skimming...ugh! We had a weekly service, but it was always my job in the summer to test it daily and vacuum and skim it when needed, which in the summer was pretty much every dang day!

But still I love having a pool. So when DH and I got married, it didn't take long for the new pool to go in. It is a breeze, it works on oxidation, almost no chemicals, has the sand look bottom and sides. Pools now come with two skimmers and the automatic vacuum actually works! In the 10 years since we have had the pool I have only skimmed it a handful of times, when having parties and I wanted it perfect. I have not had to vacuum it and we have no service.

Yeah the electricity is more, but not too bad, as we have solar for the heat, so it's only running the filter....and so worth it!