Question about Sunglasses

  1. Can men wear Chanel Sunglasses? If so, what kind? If you can please post pics. Thanks
  2. Hmm, I've never seen men's Chanel sunnies. . . I guess aviators would be most appropriate?
  3. Okay. Thanks. My husband saw a man wear a pair on CSI: Miami and he was just curious. What are good brands for men? Tom Ford? Dior?
  4. You know? I've never thought about?
    Maybe post a question in the Wardrobe, I bet some gals would love to help!
  5. Ive seen guys buying chanel sunglasses, I thought it was kinda weird. But maybe that's because I saw them getting the ones w/rhinestones?! My DH wears Oliver Peoples and LV.
  6. Gucci makes some nice men's sunglasses.:yes: