Question about style no. for Coach footwear starting with an A...

  1. When the style no. starts with an A for any of the Coach footwear does it mean its department exclusive? I saw these cute wedges that i like and got the style no. from Macy's. When i told the SA in the Coach store the style no. she couldn't find it on the system. I also noticed the same sandals i got (Abella Signature) Macy's has a all gold one and the style no. starts with an A also and i haven't seen that in Coach stores/Online. Sooo...does it mean only the department stores carry it? I really wanted to see if Coach had it so i could purchase it during PCE, but oh well looks like they don't or maybe i have to call JAX. I'll try that right now. But ladies if you know anything about that let me know. Thanks...
  2. hi
    sry i cant help you with this because im having the same problem. do these wedges you saw look like the sweetie wedge but with a scarf on it?? i saw these in Nordstrom and want to get them with my pce as well but i couldnt find the style no. :sad: i made a thread about it but i cant find it lol
  3. yep, that means it's a dept. store exclusive, they can't be ordered from coach in store. i haven't ever tried calling jax with it, maybe you could give that a try.
  4. Interesting, good to know. Thanks for the info coachislove.
  5. thanks coachislove! i just had to be sure since i noticed a pattern with all the shoes i've never seen at Coach or their catalogs starting with an A. I tried calling JAX but its closed so maybe tomorrow i'll try to give them a call. thanks for your help!
  6. yeah, shoes sold in the dept stores start with A, and in the coach stores it's Q
  7. ^^ beat me to it

    anything with an A is department store.
    "Q" is for Coach stores/JAX
  8. Yes, Coach manufactures different shoe styles that are dept. store exclusives. Sometimes, it's a very subtle difference (bow or type of bow) on certain shoes styles that the dept. stores carry versus what the Coach store carries.