Question about straps on Chanel bags?

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  1. Hi all.... I have been lurking and posting a little but, this my first "official" post. I just bought my first Chanel last week (Jumbo lambskin it:yes:) All thanks to the wonderful guidance on this board;). But, my question involves a vintage handbag lambskin bag that my sister bought a few days ago. I finally got to see it IRL instead of the auction pic.

    I noticed that it has a lovely gold chain strap but it is laced with suede instead of leather (lambskin.) I thought I read that the leathers should match on the strap with whatever the handbag is made of. It could be that the strap was replaced.....very possible since it is vintage:shrugs:

    That is really the question should they match?

    The seller did not disclose this in the auction .....only stated that the strap was leather.

    I think my DS might have jumped on one without doing her homework. I have now educated her in asking lots of questions first and coming here for the "final opinion":yes:

    Here is the link to see the strap:
  2. You need to post this in the authenticate this thread. The girls there will be happy to answer and help you.
  3. oh sorry.....but I wasn't asking for authentication since I already posted in the Authenticate This thread. Just is it typical for leathers to match?

    But I guess I will find a different thread since it is kinda related.

    Hopefully I will learn my way around here....Thanks