question about store policy

  1. i went in to hermes nyc today and spoke very briefly with the nicest SA ever. i kept it brief as they had 2 kelly bags there, a 25 (orange) and a 28 (dark navy i believe) and i didn't trust myself around them :graucho:
    but anyway, this SA was so wonderfully nice and made me so comfortable, i was wondering, what is the store policy about buying a scarf from a non-scarf SA? i know that they have some SAs that only work with scarves, but is the reverse true, that bag SAs only work with bags?
  2. ^^^^^No. In NYC they can work the entire floor.
  3. ^^ oh that is wonderful. he was just so pleasant. i got his card. his name is lee.
  4. isn't he sweet?!! i met lee last week when i stopped in to pick up some amazonia packets -- he spent ages with me even though he knew i wasn't getting anything else that day. showed me the whole leather book and helped me decide which agenda i want to buy from next month's paycheck. (and he didn't even give me his name or card until i asked for it so i could buy the agenda from him!) a really, really nice gentleman.
  5. Lee's a doll.
  6. we:heart:lee.
  7. wait, wait, if he gets hermesgroupie's stamp of approval then i really will buy my scarf from him.
  8. HH, they all get my stamp of approval in that store. There's not a single one in that store that I dislike. I love them all!!!!
  9. really?

    i got a bad feeling once, from one...:sad: i think i caught her on a bad day.
  10. Sorry to hear that. That's realy odd.
  11. Maybe it depends on the store, esp. if it's larger. In the Paris mothership, your "main" SA usually accompanies you to other departments while you work with a department-specific SA.

  12. And we all love you too HG! It is a win-win love affection here!!!:heart:
  13. Lee is a perfect SA, knowledgeable, kind, patient - shows me everything. :heart:
  14. yes. well, i get growly if i haven't eaten lunch, so perhaps she was hungry. :yes: everyone is allowed an off day - i wouldn't hold it against her.
    but you'll have to take my word for it - i'm a very well-mannered customer.:angel:
  15. ^^^^^^I have no doubt.:yes: