question about storage?

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  1. I don't know if someone else asked this, but do you store your bags flat (I noticed some of your bags are not stuffed in the collection thread)? or stuffed with tissues?

    If you store them flat, does it leave fold lines or wrinkle on the bag?

    I store them fully stuffed with tissues because I don't want fold lines. I've been just stocking them on top of each other, but they don't get smush since they are stuffed. However they take up a lot of room (and I only have 5 bags and a canguro), so I want to look at my options.
  2. My bags are in my closet and I hang them together. I place thin polystyrene foam on the straps to prevent lines from appearing on them. I would never fold my bags or stack them up together. Somehow, I treat them as though they are living beings and that they too, need their own space. :smile: That's just me.
  3. Honestly I just have my bags laying in a plastic container...they sit however they want to sit. I don't put anything in them to retain shape or anything..idk I love my bags...but they're just bags.
  4. I store most of mine flat inside my Luna...but my bags are mostly BVs, Dolce, and the like. So far they seem to be OK. No fold lines. Hopefully soneone will warn me if I am putting my bags at risk :s

    The only ones I don't store flat are the Corriere and Zucca. I am totally afraid that they will loose their shape. I hang up the Zucca always. I never got around to taking the tissue out of my tiny bags b/c I haven't used them yet.
  5. My bags are part of my existence. :graucho:
    Haha ...
  6. "My bags live inside my Andiamo"

  7. mine are actually hanging on the back of my closet. they're so cute like that, i can see them every day, even if i'm not using them. :biggrin:
  8. I store mine in a plastic bin with each one sealed inside a ziploc plastic bag (even my denaros). I don't generally stuff my bags though, but before I get ready to use a zucca, for example, I do stuff it overnight to get it back into shape. I have too many of them to individually hang them or stuff each one and I really haven't had a problem with wrinkles from storage anymore than I get from day to day use.:shrugs:
  9. i just stuff them all in a plastic drawer...though the drawer is getting quite all of my bags are squished together..but i'm with jessaka..they are just bags..

    and i'd have no more room if i stuffed them all with tissue paper!

    well actually thats not a bad idea..i should get a coat rack or something n hang them all up n have my own mini tokidoki boutique! lol i have enough bags to do so nehoo >P but then i'd be showcasing my craziness..hmmmm
  10. i think my dolce & gioco have tissue in them, but the gioco already had it because i got it off someone on eBay & i got it with my inferno bella.. the rest of my bags are sitting in my plastic drawers either in their lesportsac bags or in (yay!) a dustbag from Pulse :smile:


    looks like this, though instead of the zucca in the top shelf (which i returned last week) there's a bambinone & a bella :love:
  11. I stuff all my bags with tissue paper. I don't want them to get out of shape and folded. The tokis...I put them all in fabric dust bags, then put them into those apple boxes (got them from the supermarket). Can put tons in one box and stack them up in the storage.
  12. put tissue paper so it doesnt look deform later. lol
  13. All may bags are stuffed with tissue paper. The ones from Pulse are in the USPS boxes, the ones from Macy's are in a large Macy's shopping bag. I should really find a better way to store them but this is what works for now.
  14. I store all my bags flat in a plastic bin. Even the Zuccas. I fold the bottoms in so the front and back lie next to each other. Same with the Bellas. No fold lines and nothing has lost it's shape.
  15. I have one coat rack (tree styled rack or whatever they call it) to hang all my bags, I dont stuff any paper/tissues. Its a hassle taking them out and putting them back in.

    I love it because I can always see them everytime i pass by :P