Question about Stam's on Ebay

  1. Hey Ladies

    i have a question. For those of you who have bidded or just watched black stams on eBay. how much do they generally end at? they all start around 200 which is a great price

    but i was wondering how high the end up being!

    i really want one..

    im even consdering if i cant afford it, of buying an inspired one!:wtf::nuts::confused1:
    just cause im so broke right now :tdown:

    i know i know i probably wont.. id feel to guilty..

    anyway my main question is how much do the stams generally end around!

    if they are under 500 i might be able to afford

    im just in the hole due to all my tokidoki purchases lately

    not to mention all my Marc By Marc Special Items and MAC makeup haha
  2. Most of the Stams on eBay right now are fake, hence the low price. Authentic Stams usually sell for $600 or more. Have you considered a baby Stam? I've seen those go for as little as $300! Whatever you decide, you should post all ones you're considering in the --- Authenticate This MJ --- thread. Good luck!! :smile:
  3. yeah, agreed with Melly. almost 90% of the stam at eBay are replica bags, you've got to be careful. before you make any decision and bidding, post links/photos for the MJ gurus here to help you to authenticate.

    At this time, i think all the black stam at ebay are fakes. Authentic Stams are always ended up above usd600 for a used one.

    Try to monitor the prices of MJ stams at ebay a while before you do the bidding, put them as your watched items, and wait for the right moments!

    At this moments, few reputable departmental stores / MJ stores are having some sales on, maybe you can get a discounted one there? but, the possibility for a black stam to go on sales is quite slim though. Maybe try other colours?

    Good luck yeah!;)
  4. aww thats sad they look so real too!!!!

    perhaps i can try that one at bloomingdales!!

    thanks guys for you're input

    i am considering a baby stam

    but black is my staple!

    so maybe ill wait till the one i saw goes on some sort of sale where i can justify buying it

    thanks for your help
  5. so how small is the baby stam? sorry, i'm really new to MJ. lol. how much is the one from bloomingdales? i so want one!!!! :smile:
  6. I think it's really cute but might be a little too small for me. I like big bags :p, but this is a link of baby stam on Saks and it has the dimensions on it.
  7. ^thanks for the link! i went to eluxury to check on it too. but its like $1550 or something like that so i'm thinking that the big one?
    i like big bags better too :smile:. just got my lv speedy 25 today, and its definitely too small for my liking :sad: