Question about Stam exterior pocket

  1. Hello ladies!
    My first post at the PF! :wlae:

    I am a new MJ owner, and LOOOOOOVE my new bag!!!

    For years I've been a Coach girl, but got really bored with the styles and decided to branch out a bit. Really all I knew I wanted was a bright colored leather bag for the spring, no brand specific. I did a search on eBay and wa-la! Came across a GORGEOUS Sap Sophia for an AWESOME price, and since she arrived I've been scouring the internet for some new friends for her to hang with!

    Oddly enough I've come across a few that are in decent shape, with owners who don't know what a treasure they are selling. I can't disclose too much since some auctions are still in effect, lol, don't want anyone to get any ideas and outbid me! :okay: heheheh.

    My question is, about the Stam. What is the exterior pocket lined with? How about in a 2005ish model? I found a beaut on Craigs, that really appears to be authentic, but the exterior pocked worries me. Anyone know???

    Thanks! And I look forward to sharing many new purchases with you soon!!!! LOL.
  2. the exterior pocket of an 05 stam bag is lined in suede :smile:
  3. Hi! Welcome to the MJ forum!! :flowers: I'm not sure which bags you are looking at but you should be careful; Stams (especially those with suede interiors) are widely faked. In fact I did a quick search on eBay and didn't see any authentic Stams with suede interiors listed (granted I could have missed one). I suggest you post any bag you are considering in the Authenticate This Marc Jacobs thread. Good luck!
  4. Were you looking at this posting?

    This was the only CL stam listing I found in your area. They claim to have 05 stams NWT in a range of colors for the low low price of $125! If this is the listing you are looking at, I would stay far away.:sad:
  5. OMG those are hideous! :throwup: Stams were never even made in those colors.

    ETA: That scammer also sets up "Purse Parties." :rant:
  6. A lot of bags on Craigslist are fakes. Definitely check authenticity here before purchasing a bag on Craigs or E-bay.
  7. Thanks girls.

    This Stam is used and in California (she's willing to ship)
  8. Most of the stams I've seen on craigslist are fake, and made by the same poster in different areas. I'd be careful.
  9. I would highly suggest you have it authenticated BEFORE you purchase the bag. With Craigslist you don't have any recourse if the bag ends up being fake. That's why scammers love it. BTW, scammers are now selling "used" Stams that are fake. Just remember if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. :push:
  10. I looked at the Stam that was listed in the LA area, and that was fake.... and the seller has it listed for about $850!! Crazy....