Question about stains on the neo?

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  1. Question for you ladies. I have a neo in khaki that I bought in February and I love it but I've noticed that the fabric gets "stained" when water hits it. I have CKD so I'm always with a bottle of water and sometimes they "sweat" and my bag gets a water mark which remains and doesn't wash off like in the regular nylon. Have you had that happen? How do you deal with it? I've noticed also when there is rain drizzle. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Wish I had some tips for you but when my Navy Neo had a ramen stain which came out after dabbing with wet tissue paper and got caught in a drizzle on different occasions, it looked as good as new afterwards
  3. I have navy and water has never left stains on it. It always dries and turns back to the original color. That's too bad. I don't know if different colors are more likely to have this issue?
    You could try spraying it with something like AppleGuard rain and stain to try to prevent further water marks.
  4. Pure water by itself is unlikely to stain a Neo. It's the impurities in the water that does.
  5. Hi @hoya94..i wash it with hand and the stain gone..mine is like yours neo navy
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  6. When I bought the khaki neo the lady at the Longchamp store said to protect it from water that it wasn't really waterproof like the traditional nylon. I'll check to see if I can use AppleGuard but I need to get the water stains off first. The water I drink is distilled water, I don't drink tap, but I do know the water in Philly uses stuff to make it safe to drink. I do know it has fluoride. I've heard others put it in the washer, but again the lady at Longchamp said that shouldn't be done because the leather can rot. Do you guys think they could help me if I called Longchamp directly? I'm babying a bag that shouldn't have to be babyed. I'm not planning to throw it in mud or drop acid, but right now I'm worried about getting stuck in a thunderstorm or if my water bottle rubs against it. It's ridiculous!
  7. I had a similar problem on another brand nylon bag; many times it's the invisible dirt and dust on the bag that makes the stain and I solved it by drenching the bag in water and then letting it air dry. The stain is gone and the bag is doing fine. You could try doing the same, just dip it in a bucket and avoid getting the flap&handles wet.
    You could try and prevent the condensation problem by using a neoprene cover for your bottle. It also keeps your drinks cooler for a loong time. And pls don't drink distilled water, it's actually really dangerous as it messes up your sodium&electrolyte balance!
  8. I have the same water stains from rain on my Navy Neo. I did wet a small towel, applied it onto the stain. It is still visible but less obvious. I second the neoprene cover Amazona recommended, options are available on Amazon.

  9. That's what I was planning to do next! Thanks for the idea about the neoprene cover. I will check those out. I didn't know that about distilled water. That's the one my nephrologist and naturopath both said I should drink. I get renal panel blood work done every 3 months and my numbers have improved from how they were when I was first diagnosed in 2014. I'll certainly ask him next time I see him. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. I'm not happy that you are having the same problem, but I'm relieved I'm not the only one with it. I thought I was hallucinating since it seemed that it was a problem with my bag especially after reading about people who used theirs in snowstorms and rain and mine sat at home or it would stain.

    Thanks again about the neoprene sleeve advice. Heading to Amazon now to check them out!
  11. Distilled water lacks all nutrients and minerals the body needs to hold its balance. Investing in a good quality water filter is a better solution. Makes tap water taste fresher and removes larger impurities. Or go for mineral and/or spring water. :smile:

  12. I have kidney disease, my kidneys can't process those nutrients and minerals properly. Instead of filtering it like a normal kidney would, mine gets stuff minerals and nutrients stuck inside the kidney causing inflammation. I have to be careful with what I eat or drink cause if It gets inflamed id be spilling blood and protein in the urine. :sad:. Thanks for the advice and clarification though, I appreciate it! ;).
  13. You are definitely not alone. My mum had the same issue with her Navy Neo messenger and she tried ways to remove it but to no avail. I guess perhaps black will be the best color to withstand everything but that said, I still have my eyes locked on the Khaki Neo.

  14. The khaki neo is stunning. I just wish it didn't get water stains.
  15. It is my favourite type of green. I know mine will not stay pristine as I live in a country with lots of rain.... so guess I shall just enjoy it when I get it.