Question about spy wand...

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  1. Hi everyone. I just received my blueberry spy that I won off of eBay from FashionPhile. I will post pictures later, but just wanted to ask a question. I have never been in a Fendi boutique, so I have never seen a spy in real life.

    When my bag came, there was a little bit of a sticky sort of substance (seemed like glue maybe) on the hardware at the bottom of the wand (just above the upside down Fendi.) I wiped it with a damp cloth and it came the threading on the wand attached to it with glue?? Does this seem weird to anyone?

    Also, on the back side of the wand, when you are looking where it says "Made in Italy," the stitching that goes up the backside of the wand is very crooked on my bag. Is it supposed to go up in a straight line?

    I will try to take my own pictures later, but for now, here are a couple from the auction. In this picture, you can see the "sticky substance" that was on the hardware:


    And here is a picture of the stitching I am referring to on the back of the wand:

  2. yes, the braided part of the wand is guilded on so its' fine.but as for the back of the wand...i'm not sure...plz post pic so we can tell u.. :smile:
  3. Ashmy, the spy glass tip of the wand usually has a clear plastic sticky protector when the bag is new that prevents scratches to the spy glass while in the store. You can even leave the plastic protector on if it does not get in the way. I think that may be what you are referring to. There are also plastic protectors on the brass plate inside the bag and the metal rim of the spy compartment on a new bag. ;)
  4. Okay, here is the picture of the back...the stitching that goes up the back of the wand is very crooked. Is that normal? (Maybe I am just being too paranoid?)

  5. Yes, it's totally normal. I'm not really sure what you are getting at with this thread -- are these authenticity related questions? If so, they should really be in the "authenticate this" thread.