Question about Spy cap

  1. Hi all! I wanted to ask if anyone has come across a spy cap where the Fendi on the mirror is tilted/crooked. I don't know if it's a common thing or if I should be concerned because Fendi is supposed to be extremely careful with their craftsmanship. I bought my spy from a reputable (mypoupette recommended) seller & already had it authenticated on the forum.

    Is it at all possible to get a replacement cap (although I don't have a receipt from a store)?

    Here are 2 pictures of the cap on my spy:

    (Thank you in advance!)
    spy cap.jpg spy cap 004.jpg
  2. I've heard that some authentic ones have been made crooked so if it was authenticated and from a trustworthy seller I'm sure there is nothing to worry about..I'm not sure if you can get it replaced, I would think so:shrugs:
  3. thanks for your reponse kneehighz. i'm a bit relieved to hear that you've heard of other instances where it's been crooked. maybe i should ask the seller if she has the original receipt.
  4. I've seen them more crooked than that. I really don't think it's anything to worry about. I've also seen spys with wonky stitching at Bloomingdale's, so there are definitely instances where quality control leaves something to be desired.
  5. more relief. :smile: thanks litigatrix!

    i love tpf.
  6. You'd think they could take more care of the quality if they demand such prices..:weird:
  7. you are totally right, kneehighz. :yes:

    maybe one day, we'll find out some logical explanation for it... :idea: