Question about Spring/Summer colors

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  1. So, I am in need of a large, white, everyday purse for Summer. As a relative newcomer to RM, however, I'm not sure if/when she will release more Summeer colors. Currently, the only bags I can find in white are the MAM (too small for me) and the Nikki (not my favorite style). I would love a MAB or a Matinee in white, but don't know if she will even release those styles in white. I guess my question is: Should I snag the white Nikki now, or is there a possibility if I wait that a MAB or Matinee might come out in white? Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure the MAB and Matinee will be produced this summer, but there are always white bags so you could wait a bit longer if you like. You could always email to ask her your question. It may be awhile before she responds though.
  3. You can also contact retail stores to ask if they have any white RMs coming for spring/summer. I'm a fan of Luna Boston.
  4. How about the stud darling, flame, basketweave and beloved? I think they all come in ivory.
  5. Thanks for the responses and great ideas!

    TXGirlie and lilac 0485 - Contacting RM directly or some of the retailers is a great idea - I don't know why I didn't think of that.

    ivysun - I love all of the ivory bags that are out right now (especially the BW), but really need a true white.

    You guys are wonderful! :biggrin:
  6. I think I have seen a paper white MAB on ebay recently. that color came out last year and is a true white.
  7. There is an antique white coming out soon. It has gunmetal and is a personal fave of mine.

    There is also from previous seasons paper white which is a really nice and durable leather. :yes: There are some on ebay right now. RM is really good about Spring colors especially if you want a fun pop of color :smile:

  8. Antique white and gunmetal????!!!! OMG that sounds so HOT!
  9. Antique White with Gunmetal? Wow! :drool:
  10. Marshmallow is out now and that's as white as white can be!!
  11. Does anyone know anything about Vintage Purple MAC? I'm debating on purchasing the VP MAC but I don't know if the color is too similar to the PH3ZMAC which I already own. Also, is the leather of the VP MAC fine, smooth, and smooshy like the Teal MAC?
  12. Okay, so I found a Marshmellow Nikki on sale, so I think I am going to take the plunge. If I find a white MAB or Matinee at some point in the future, I guess you can't have too many bags, right? :lol:
  13. ^^^ that makes total sense to me! progressive decision-making!
  14. Please be sure to post because I really wanna see Marshmallow, especially with that beautiful silver hardware!!

  15. Marshmallow in some pics(the eyelet range) do look like Paperwhite in texture. Anyone else thinks so? I love PW & would love to have a huge bag in that colour.