Question about speedy?

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  1. I have 2 Speedies one is Damier Azur and another is Mini Lin. I love speedy style a lot and I plan to buy another one soon. I like my next speedy will be an Epi speedy in Red. Anyway, just wonder if new epi color will coming out soon?? So I may have another choice to choose??

    Thank you! :jammin:
  2. The only new Epi color so far is the white which will come out in either March or April (I forget which). But I think the red would be a great addition to your collection!!
  3. I just saw the Red Epi today and thought it was so nice.....drools.:heart:
  4. Totally cotton white or tend to be cream?
  5. I think the Epi red is really stunning
  6. I think the red epi speedy is TDF! Especially with gold hardware.
  7. Is the new red with the silver hardware? I guess so.
    I do prefer silver h/w more than gold.
  8. I love the epi red!!
  9. don't forget the green epi, it's to die for
  10. I love my red epi speedy! You should get a red one!
  11. Is it already out of production? I'm not a fan of used bag :shame: . Anyway, green is stunning and thank you for your opinion.
  12. i :heart: the red!! :drool:
  13. Rouge is my fave Epi colour!
  14. I'm thinking it's going to be a bright white...the cream would probably be too close to the discontinued Vanilla color.