question about special ordering

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  1. basically I would like to know it all!
    Are you able to special order any shape in any pattern?
    I'm so lost!
  2. No. You need to talk to a leather goods specialist at yout LV to discuss what you want. You would think you could SO anything if you are willing to pay but that is not the case. They have specific guidelines they follow as far as what materials, styles, etc, can be made.
  3. what ya thinking of ordering?
  4. You cannot special order limited lines (e.g. cerises) or limited shapes (e.g. retro).
  5. ...or anything discontinued or newly released. For instance, I wanted to SO a Sologne in Azur and they said NO, Azur is too new.
  6. What are you thinking of as a special order?? what do u wanna get?
  7. i have a call in about a bh in damier. they're waiting to see if they can do it but they're not sure because the bh is a newer style.
  8. No MC either, and no accessories.
  9. Has the BH been out a year - if so - you may be good to go.
  10. You can get small leather goods custom made in exotic leathers. I've seen them.
  11. anything in vernis??? =]
  12. 1. You can't SO any small leather goods (Exotic Leathers are in the catalogue thay are made to order but technically not a SO)
    2. You can't order anything that is Less than 2 years old (I think) as mentioned above with regards the Azur. This goes for collection or bag style
    3. You can't order anything in MC (this sucks)

    A SO is usually when you want an exsisting bag made in a different collection, you can comission LV to create your own item/bag (examples shown on website) but this would cost $$$$$$
  13. You would need to discuss with an LV luggage specialist as to what you'd like to SO. As previously mentioned, discontinued, limited edition and newly released items cannot be SO (i.e. - I wanted the duomo in mono and they said no). A form is filled out with all the specifics, which is then sent to their French headquarters for approval. If approved, you will be contacted and will require to give a deposit of 50% to proceed and the other 50% upon completion. Keep in mind that because it is a Special Order, you will be paying an additional 30% (approx.) on top of the price of the handbag. Lastly, this process will take approximately 4-6 months - but IMO, it is worth the wait!!! Hope this helps...
  14. speedy 30 in vernis:drool:
  15. ^ Impossible.