Question about SPECIAL ORDER bags........

  1. I'm not ordering one right now but I have seen mention about SO bags at boutiques so it brings me to this question.
    If you do a SO, do you have to pay for it in full or a deposit or what?
    Also what happens if it comes and you don't like it, are you stuck w/it or can you return it??
    If you don't take it, does it then get sold w/everything else and is it as expensive as it was when ordered or do they sell it for a cheaper price to the public??
    And can you pick your interior lining color as well?
    I saw someone had a beautiful purple lining on their epi just curious.
  2. great question! i'd love to know the answer too...
  3. You have to put down a deposit is what my sa said when i asked her abt SOs. I think its bs but also a good idea. It makes people think abt what they're asking for and to commit. But i think more people would SO if they didn't have to pay w/o seeing it.
  4. Special Order bags are 30% higher than the original bag chosen. If the order is accepted by LV the buyer is required to pay a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit! When the SO is completed and the buyer does not like it, they will be out for the 50% Non-Refundable Deposit.
  5. What if the design isn't what they wanted (ie custom desgined pieces) Are they still out 50%?
  6. Hello....

    for the SO bags...30% higher than the original bag chosen....from which line?
    Say ...if I want to SO speedy it gonna be 30% higher from mono speedy? because speedies price are different between line.....

  7. There will be no mistakes since the boutique will have the lines of bags a buyer will select from including the hardware and interior lining. If a bag is chosen to be SO and not from the book. Will require approval from LV.

    The Speedy cannot be SO in Vernis.

  8. i just know one answer!! haha

    When you order it, you pay for 1/2 then the rest when it comes in!!! :p hope that helps a little!
  9. Wow...that's a bummer.....:sad: why they can't make it in vernis? I think I saw one in one of the thread about the vernis's so gorgeous......I keep thinkin about it since I saw it..LOL

  10. The only bag that was ever done was the large bucket. Otherwise, no bags can be SO'ed in certain lines like Multicolore or Vernis.
  11. i want a vachetta noe....
  12. Its 30% more than the original...50% non-refundable deposit...refusal of bag will make the deposit disapear....:p The items is then sold for the SO price to other interested customer or kept in the store as a reference of an SO piece.

    Linings and other little extras to add are all based on approval...I believe that lining is available to change but it is all upon the factory's ok...

  13. hmmmm...if you are not sure about a SO, don't order it! I once saw an umbrella case SO, in monogram that the client reneged on and they have not sold it, no wonder they take a non refundable depo!! Motto is 'Be Sure before you SO'!!
  14. the SO Vernis Speedy only come in Perle, and it's an one time only, super LE as one of the grand opening for a Japan store.
  15. Not always. Poche documents in epi would've been more than five times the price of the regular. :yucky: