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Nov 11, 2009
Hey guys, anyone's been to Spain (Madrid or Barcelona) and would like to share some advice about their whereabouts, the restaurants, the shopping areas, the cost of the trip, if they chose a traveling agency, anything that you can think off would be appreciated... I am planning on going there late this uear, acutally September- October... Please let me know.... I am still looking for a ticket... thankkkkk youuuuuuuu!!!!!


Nov 15, 2007
Hi there. Been to Barcelona for 2 and a half days and thoroughly enjoyed myself there. Must see places
Sagrada Familia- bypass the inside. if you want to take a pic of the whole thing, take from afar, very very far.
Parc Guell-Go inside casa mila very interesting architecture (entrance fee though)
casa batllo (just from the outside is fine)
must do: do tapas bar hopping (gothic quarter theres a lot of bars)
drink hot chocolate and eat churros
shop at lefties and mango outlet (very hard to find though)
buy zara because it's cheap and pretty
see a flamenco show-tablao flamenco is nice, the included buffet dinner is not bad at all. you can book this through a tour website
places to bypass:la bocaria although I've tried having breakfast there, nothing special
picasso museum, did not impress me at all
if you have time, go to montserrat, scenic views and definitely go to Salvador dali museum, very interesting and worth to see.
our hotel was hotel jazz, modern and very nice location
make sure your hotel is in this location, very convenient
transpo- we took subway most of the time- signs in english, very easy to navigate
hope this helps
Nov 11, 2009
thank you so very much for the info... i am taking notes... trust me...
how much was your ticket if you do not mind me asking? was it a package deal? did you have time to go to madrid? was the flamengo show expensive? how about entrance to the museums? my plan is to go there in Sept- October, unless you advise otherwise... I am also planning on going to a soccer game:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::woohoo::graucho::graucho::yes::yes::yes:thank you so very much for answering... I am so excited... you have no idea!!!!!


Nov 15, 2007
I am lucky I don't pay much for my airfare since mom works for United. i did barcelona independently and basically for two people, for three days, hotel jazz, very discounted airfare, flamenco,city and salvador dali tours, museum entrance fee, transpo, tapas , souvenirs etc about $2500. It would be much different in your case. Make sure you account for their currency, Euro, goods are not cheap just like any other EU country but much affordable than paris and italy. I think the tours (flamenco, montserrat, salvador dali), are all $100 per person each. not cheap but worth it IMO. You can do everything on your own too, taxi is available everywhere, quite reasonable. i booked the tours through I would recommend to see a bull fight (missed this because I went December) but a soccer game would be awesome too. Museums usually are $20-30 pp. hope you enjoy your trip because we really had a fabulous time in Barcelona. We are planning to do Madrid next time but it would be less interesting for sure since the only sights worth seeing there are prado museum and royal palace. toledo is not my thing.unless you go for a trip to seville, cordoba, or avila, then that's another thing. Make sure to dress well, they're very fashionable and there's a lot of beautiful people:graucho:.


Feb 23, 2006
A stroll along the waterfront in Barcelona is very nice. There are a lot of alfresco dining spots there. Also, the trendiest lounges are in that area.

Right near there is the main city. There are many restaurants and shops, it is a very charming area, especially in the evening/at night. (near Jaume I metro)

I'm sorry, I don't know the names of the areas, but they are your main tourist places.

Passeig Gracia is a large street where all the designer shops are. They architecture is amazing, every building has its own distinct style. Casa Batllo and the wave building (don't remember the name) are both on this street. This street also leads downtown.

My favorite area is Park Guell. It is such a surreal place. It is a bit out of the way, but worth it. One of the scenes where Vicky Christina Barcelona was shot. I made sure to find this place in Barcelona!

One of the nicest areas (and completely unexpected for me, since I do no research) is this large square with many shops and eating places in Madrid. I just stumbled upon it, but it is near the very center of town. Also, where the palace is is a gorgeous and relaxed park.

People are very friendly in Spain.
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Dec 10, 2008
Is there a train or bus that goes from Granada to Madrid? How about from Madrid to Zaragosa, Barcelona, etc? I am looking for a cheaper alternative to flying or renting a car. Thanks!


Sep 11, 2007
I live in Madrid. PM when you feel like it and I will give you tips about the town, good restaurants... anything... I hope you have a fab time here!


Nov 23, 2008
Here is a list I think you should do/see:
Parc Guell - best park EVER
Arc de triumpf/parc de la ciutadella- nice area
La Sagrada Familia - I went to the top, a little scary, but amazing views of the city
Casa Batllo - i didn't go inside, just took pictures on the outside
Casa Mila/La Pedrera - I would recommend going inside here instead of casa batllo. the rooftop is sooo unique - love guadi!!
Barceloneta/Port Vell- it's pretty here, lots of restaurants, good for seafood
Plaza Catalunya- lots of shops, tourists
Las Ramblas- la boqueria - the market - love the fresh fruits and fruit juices
Salvador Dali musuem in Figureres- i think it was 2 hours away? best museum i've been to!
monseterrat - didn't get a chance to go here
tibidabo- highest point of barcelona, has a small amusement park

I didn't get to see a flamenco show, but I would recommend doing that. Also, eat lots of tapas and drink lots of sangria and cava there!

Madrid was okay. I liked Barcelona much more. It's more unique there. Not to mention I got pickpocketed on the metro in Madrid, so beware!!

Enjoy Spain! I love it there


Mar 4, 2008
Agree on the places and things to do around Spain, but my advice is WATCH YOUR STUFF. 3 pickpocket incidents in 4 days (we were HS kids then, so oblivious of the world around us, tsk tsk tsk)
Nov 11, 2009
Dear Fab_R&R, thank you so very much for the website, and thank you everybody for the info shared here... i am taking notes, and still looking for the game that i truly want toattend, and thus plan toshcedule my trip around that time... once i have thedetails of the game, then i can book my ticket, the sites to be seen... i feel that there will be so much for me todo during that week... i am palning 1 wek to bein Spain... I will keep you guys updated every step of the way... again thank you so very much... it means a lot to me...
Nov 11, 2009
I live in Madrid. PM when you feel like it and I will give you tips about the town, good restaurants... anything... I hope you have a fab time here!
Since you live in Madrid, for someone like me who has never been to Spain, where would you advice me to land? Madridi or Bracelona? where are there most stuff to be seen? and how easy is it to go from Barcelona to Madrid and vicecresa? is it durable in 1 week to have all the sites seeing tours, a soccer game, and one day excursion to the other palce? how about shopping for purses? i am more of an ecclectic classy type of person... I love leather... I do not truly care for brand names... as I am more of a quality type of person... if the quality comes with a brand name, tha's fine, but the brand name is not exactly what i would go after... again , let me emphasize ont he fact that i am a "purseholic"...:graucho:.. thank you..


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Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
Went to both I saw the picasso museum and the old town area loved it. I did not use travel agent planned things myself stayed in ok hotels about 3-4 stars. I loved guell parc and shopping there. I saw pretty green parrots in the trees.