Question about spa treatment

  1. I took my Kelly to my local *H* boutique a couple of days ago for a spa treatment. They said it'll go first to Geneva and then probably to Paris and that it could take two months before I get it back.

    Is it normal for this process to take so long? And what exactly is done during this *spa* treatment, if you'll forgive me for asking? It's not in bad shape. It's 10 years old, with a few minor scuffs (black gulliver leather) and looking a bit dull.

  2. It's faster if you go directly to a store with a craftsman. It takes longer if you have to your store first where it has to be shipped to the craftsman. They will buff it and moisturize it. Gulliver will come back looking remarkable good.
  3. Sometimes your bag will come back earlier than predicted. My SA said 2 months and it was returned in 6 weeks.

    What stores have craftspeople available??!!
  4. My toile/Box combo Kelly has been at the spa for about a month. I don't expect to see her for another few weeks at least. It took 2 months for my Gulliver Kelly to return but she came back looking incredible AND with a new sleeper!!!!!
  5. OH, thank you for all the info!

    Hermesgroupie: I don't think my store has a craftsman. It's a bit small. So I guess it would make sense for them to send it to Geneva, which is (I believe) the *H* flagship in Switzerland, and then Geneva will decide if it needs to be sent to Paris. Seems to be a circuitous route.

    Sus: I'm hoping since it's not in such bad shape I'll have it back sooner.

    Shopmom: Thanks for the reassurance. Ms. Kelly was looking a bit tired and in need of some sprucing up. I hope you get your toile/Box baby back soon ;)
  6. MODS...just an idea and I might be too of a have suggestions....but what do you guys think of having a SPA treatment thread PINNED so everything is consolidated? I think we have at least 4 threads since I started posted on the subject created?
  7. Also since I got back my raisin from treatment...and seeing that the stratches exposing white under and the scratch on the pipping.....its all gone!....but I I been less worried about my that is good.

    I used to be anal...I am still careful but I know all the surface things on togo and clemance....can be fixed.

    I know deep things can not be repaired but I assume I will have to go thru some major crash and burn before that happens.

    but daily wear and tear! it can be repaired!
  8. I suspect that there isn't a resident craftsman in Switzerland, and therefore the bags have to be sent to Paris. Here in Italy, it's only recently that there is one in Milan, so al the Italian stores send them there; before, they were sent to Paris....
  9. They also check each stitch to ensure its integrity and make sure latches/buckles and feet are tight. They corrected one of my mothers stitches that she didn't even know had popped.

    And if there is an "odor" from moth balls or from another source they usually are successful at correcting that as well.
  10. I think it's just the number of items that come in that make it take so long as opposed to the actual cleaning. The waiting list for cleaning is always about 6 weeks when I go in, but I never see them actually doing anything to bags in the craftsman corner. I wish they'd add to the staff so it would be a little quicker.