Question about some sort of Bag

  1. Guccigoo has a pochette that is some sort of fur or hair? What is this called and what is it made of?
  2. It's called Pochette Dalmatian.:biggrin:
  3. No thats not it. It has a lock on it but it really isnt a lock is a picture por a skecth in hair or something. Someone said horse hair?
  4. Sorry, didn't see that one. It's called Trompe L'oiel Pochette.
  5. bingo Lv Addict. the name was on the tip of my tongue
  6. yep
  7. yup. and it's made of terry cloth. fun.

  8. no it is not terry cloth......definitely not...terry cloth
  9. oh ok. haha. i thought it was? is it velour then?
  10. I Wonder What It Is Made Out Of???