question about Softy Faridah Pocket Hobo

  1. Hi,
    Has anyone ever seen a softy faridah pocket hobo (Marc by MJ) in white? I love this bag, and think it would be great in white. Thanks!
  2. Do you happen to have any pics?
  3. Is it this one? I have it in last year's color, Chalk (white) & I love it! Picture is from Nordstrom's they have it this year in the color White Canvas. Get it!!
  4. Yes, that's it! Yours is leather, but the current version at Nordstrom is canvas? I'm going to go check it out. I really want it in leather, not canvas. Thanks for posting that picture!
  5. Hi Shop2drop1,
    I just checked it out. I was confused, but now I see what you were saying. The one at Nordstrom is leather, and the color is called white canvas. On your white bag, the color was called chalk. Don't mind me... my brain is really tired! Thank you so much for finding that for me!!
  6. I have it in Poppy and love it. I get nice comments on it everyday by someone...either the color or the purse itself. I do not believe anyone would be unhappy with this purse.
  7. Thanks for your replies. One more question. Is it pretty roomy? I have to tote around a couple of diapers and a bottle or two in addition to my wallet, so it would sort of need to function as a diaper bag for me. Do you think it would be too small for that purpose? Thanks again for your help!
  8. I have the '06 Softy Faridah in black. This is definitely very roomy and would be perfect for a diaper bag. I take it to work sometimes and bring home folders in it. (amongst other things... lol) What I love about it is that it has lots of compartments. Definitely multifunctional!
  9. Thank you, Pinkyx13. That is exactly what I was hoping to hear!
  10. yes it is so big you can carry everything
  11. It would make a great diaper bag.... stylish & functional, gotta love it!
  12. Did you get it? Sorry if my post confused, glad you understood.
  13. Hi,
    No, I haven't ordered it (yet). My birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I'm thinking of forwarding the link to my mom and/or hubby.
    And your post was perfectly clear, shop2drop1. My brain is just seriously sizzled these days:lol:. I really do love it though, and of course I want it NOW! So we'll just have to see if I can be patient, or if it will end up being a birthday present to myself!
  14. Happy early bday! Mine is in 2 weeks & just got the MBMJ Heidi in Acid Yellow from Saks. I am really happy with the color/leather. It is technically for my birthday, I bought it, my husband will wrap it! It's just easier that way, can't wait to carry it!
  15. Happy early birthday to you too, shop2drop1! Those are the best kinds of presents... the ones you pick yourself because you're guaranteed to like it! My husband used to want to always pick out all of my gifts himself, but now he knows it's just better if I tell him what to get. He's finally learning. :lol: