Question about Soft & Chain

  1. I have had this bag for a week and I hate to admit....while I love it, I am finding it uncomfortable on my shoulder once all my stuff is in it. Is anybody else having this problem or is it just me? :crybaby:
  2. How much stuff do you put in it? I don't have the bag but wondered about the comfort factor once filled due to the size. My large Gucci horsebit hobo is uncomfortable to carry on the shoulder and it is a similar shape to the Soft and Chain, with a short shoulder drop.
  3. i'm also interested with this bag, but seeing the shoulder chain kinda made me backed out, would love to hear opinions on how much to filled until it get hurts :p
  4. I have my PNY wallet, checkbook, cosmetic case and LV Cles with one key attached....missing my key case and agenda. So I don't even have this thing filled with what I normally carry and it is giving me a sore shoulder. As much as I love it, I may have to return it for something else.
  5. sorry jill. that's too bad. no, you don't have much in there, should not be hurting you.:sad:
  6. yea, not much inside your bag. i thought the chain handles are kind of heavy.
  7. Can you return it once you've used it?

    I love that bag and wish I could find a black one. In what way is it uncomfortable? It sounds like you have very little in it, so it can't be heavy. :shrugs:

    I find the bags that sit high under my arm are more comfortable, because your elbow kind of rests against it. Also you can push it behind you.

    Is it just the chain strap that isn't working?
  8. It is the chain that isn't working...when I put my stuff in it, the weight of the bag pulls the chain down and it is hurting my shoulder.
  9. Hmm. I've heard that too about the soft and chain.

    I'd be interested to read others opinions who own or have tried this bag. its soooo nice looking though
  10. That is why I passed on this bag. The 1st time I tried it on, I was so enamoured by its beauty that I wasn't thinking about comfort. The 2nd time I tried it on, I realized that with all my stuff the chain would be too heavy and uncomfortable on the shoulder. I should mention it was the medium size.
  11. I'm bumping this up to see if anyone else is having a problem

    I was thinking that I want this bag.....
  12. I had this bag and returned it. I never actually wore it, but I could tell it was way too much chain. I loved the look of this bag and still do, but I had a feeling the chain was going to be a problem.

  13. Really? that seems to be the general consensus. maybe I should stay away. I don't want an umcomy bag

  14. Really? that seems to be the general consensus. maybe I should stay away. I don't want an uncomfy bag
  15. Iluvbags....Do you have a boutique near you? I would recommend trying this bag on first. It might not bother you. I think there are others here who own this bag and maybe the chains haven't bothered them. Mine was an impulse buy without trying it on first. I should have known better.