Question about soft calf Yogurt color...

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  1. Anyone who has seen or owns a yogurt bag---it looks white online, is it truly white, or is it more off-white? I'm also wondering what the lining color is.....thanks in advance for your help! :smile:
  2. panda bear-

    It's gorgeous! It is not stark white....more of a winter white/off white. The lining is a light warm camel color-also gorgeous.

    I will try to post pics of my new Christy in Yogurt in the next few days.
  3. Oooh, winter white, I like the sound of that! Can't wait to see your pics, thank you!
  4. Cecilias pics will be best, but I did see IRL a few weeks ago - very "creamy", off-white, neutral. Great Year around basic!
  5. I didn't know the Christy is available in Yogurt! Bet it's gorgeous!
  6. i just looked at the lining again....more of a medium camel-y brown, not as light as I thought.....

    Family around right now....don't want people to see me taking a picture of a try to get these up soon.:smile:
  7. I am pulling my hair out trying to resize my photos for this forum. Any tips?

    Pics of this bag coming soon.:confused1:
  8. Ok-Thanks-that helped!

    The blurry pictures are the true color.....the focused pic is washed out-it's not that white.

    The interior is pretty true to the real color.
    IMG_0647.JPG IMG_0653.JPG IMG_0655.JPG img_0647 (2).jpg
  9. I love the Yogurt color! i compared a Yogurt soft calf Blake with an Ivory Elise yesterday and Yogurt is lighter than the Ivory.
  10. Hi Coach Superfan!
    I am new to this form and excited about my venture into the Marc Jacobs world (it finally helps to have a real job to be able to go shopping!) I recently won an Ivory Elise from E-bay and was wondering if you recall if the Ivory Elise that you saw had maroon/red stitching.
    Thanks for your help!