Question about Sodium...

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  1. I have tried googling an answer for this; why is sodium something i should be concerned with if I don't have high blood pressure? I mean, I don't eat a ton of it, I eat about one pre-made meal a day with about 30% of my sodium in it (kind of unavoidable with my job), but other than that I don't eat a lot of salty foods. I heard something about sodium making a person retain water, is that true?
  2. It's true sodium makes you retain water.

    More importantly, sodium is necessary for the nerve impulses to travel down the axons (ie the sodium potassium pump) and in muscle function. Too little sodium can also affect the kidney's ability to filter excretion products.
  3. actually, the correct name is sodium chloride. true, the sodium potassium pump is important. a diet high in sodium chloride damages the kidney and wrecks havoc to your blood systems too. you'll get too much urea in your blood, and thus, a lot of urea in your blood too.